Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break

Well, to start off Spring Break, I won 2 giveaways on friends blogs. One of them my Sis-in-laws blog had a giveaway for Easter Banner and I won!! Yea!! And then her friend Barb had a giveaway and I won on her giveaway too. Now I found a new giveaway. It was posted as a sidebar on Barb's Heartstrokes Blog. This is on Ginger Creme Hollow Blog. She is giving away a very cute Mama Bunny and Baby. She has some really cute things for sale too.

Now for Spring Break. Today we have had snow and rain and wind. Hopefully the sun will come out soon. The kids have a big project of spreading gravel in our driveway this week. It is keeping them busy. The pile is slowly going down. We are also helping some friends pack up and move. The boys are working on their yard. They have 3 dogs!!! We plan on going to Bonneville Dam and maybe Multnomah Falls for a day of Fun on Friday. Hopefully no snow on that day. :) We watched Redbox movies last night. We watched Tangled. It was cute but pretty much a girlie movie. Tonight we are watching Tron: The Legacy. I'm sure that one will have enough action for my boys. :)

We hope everyone is having a great Spring Break!! :)

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