Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally!! I have time to Write!!!

Well, as you can tell last week must have been busy since I didn't write as much. This week has slowed down a bit more. My house is cleaned up and laundry is caught up for a day anyway.

Benjamin was Baptized on Saturday. It was a very nice baptism. It's great to have enough family to take care of the whole baptism. :) Grandma and Grandpa Bischoff came from St. Anthony which was great for Benjamin. I will post pictures later.

Britni had 3 soccer games last week. Jacob had one and Benjamin didn't have a game. Britni's team tied the first game, lost the second game and won the last game. Not bad for the week. Jacob's team one too. They were short players so both teams just played with 9 players instead of 11. Britni has another game this afternoon. It's at home which is great. She is hoping they will start a JV team so she can get more playing time. She is one of the first that the coach will sub in when they are winning but still she loves to play and be in the action.

Jacob is doing well with his team too but he keeps hurting his leg muscles. He's pulling something. Our Jacob, we love him so, seems to like playing on the ground more than on his feet. He likes to slide kick the ball away and he does that a lot. Which in turn pulls a muscle.

Benjamin just loves to play but he is our moody boy lately. We told him if he is moody his coach won't put him in to play which he really likes to do. So he is trying to do better (I think) at least at soccer.

Daniel had his first home Football game last week and then found out they didn't have a "B" team to play. They were winning by so much that he got in for 2 minutes in the 4th quarter. He has found that Football is not his true love to play anyway. "You can get hurt." were his words to me. My response "You think?" He still loves to watch football though.

Samuel loves Kindergarten but is having problems with some kids on the bus who are being mean to him. I told him to sit by himself and that seems to help. At least for this week. He is a lot more talkative since he started Kindergarten. He has half day Kindergarten so he is home by 11:30 every day. He always asks "When are my brothers getting home?" He thinks he is bored without his brothers.

Lynn is busy with being Jacob's Soccer coach and his Stake calling and they also called him to be a cub scout den leader which he doesn't have time for yet anyway. One of these days cub scouts will start. Benjamin is excited to start cub scouts. He told me on Sunday "The best thing about being 8 is Cub Scouts and the worst thing is fasting."

Well, Samuel is home from Kindergarten so I better get going. Now that I have written a novel to catch you up to our family news. I'll do better in the future. Love ya all!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Slowing Down Slowly

Well, last week was very busy with Dr. appointments and sports practices and games and a Birthday Party. Benjamin had a fun Soccer Party. I always wonder why I do them for the kids and then I remember that I never had one as a kid. The things we do as parents so our kids won't feel like they missed something in life.

Today is cleaning the house and drying pears that are very ripe. Also lots of laundry. It always ends up piling up on me at once.

This morning I learned that my dog, Mandy, (the white one) is very strong. I am trying to retrain her and also train our new black dog, Misty. Britni trained Mandy 3 years ago with 4-H. Jacob is going to do the same with Misty but it doesn't start until November. Misty is driving me nuts (chewing everything) so I have been reading the Cesar Milan book (the Dog Whisperer). My neighbor says I am too nice. I need to be more forceful but Cesar never is forceful with his dogs but he sure knows how to train them. I'll keep reading and training and see how it goes. I think it's going to be a long process.

Here's a couple of pictures of our dogs. They are kind of cute!! :) Not the best picture of Mandy.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick Note

Just a quick note to let you know I am still alive. Last week was just really crazy. With Orhodonist appointment for Benjamin that was last minute and sports practices. Benjamin's first Soccer game. He did a great job. He comes up to me after he was subbed out and says " I didn't realize how much fun Soccer games are!" He is so cute. He turns 8 years old on Friday. We are having a Soccer Birthday Party for him and his friends.

This will be another busy week. Daniel's first Football game on Thursday. It's an away game. Then we have Britni, Jacob and Benjamin with Soccer games on Saturday. One right after another. We will be spending all day at the Soccer fields.
Britni has an eye Dr. Appointment on Wednesday and Benjamin has another Orthodonist appointment on Thursday!! The last one hopefully!! All these Orthodonist appointments are a pain. Especially when you have to drive to The Dalles to go to them. Last week I had to drive to Hood River for a 5 minute appointment. (That's an hour one way of driving). Oh well, at least his teeth will be fixed eventually.

Have a super day Everyone!! I love ya lots!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Personal Progress and Wishes

Well, I finished my Personal Progress this morning. Britni is finishing up the Book of Mormon right now and she will be done with her Personal Progress also. It has been so much fun doing it together. We have been "competing" in a fun way to get it done. So another goal completed or maybe that may be the first goal completed of the year. I need to do a review like my sister-in-law, Marvelle, does on her blog. Then I would know how well I am doing on my goals.

I just read a really good book called "Twenty Wishes" by Debbie Macomber. It was about a group of widows who just don't know what to do with their lives and they get together and come up with making of list of Twenty wishes. These are not necessarily goals more like things that you have always wanted to do or things you have always wanted to have. Some are silly and some are serious. One person wanted red cowboy boots while another person just wanted to be loved again. It really got me thinking. I have heard of bucket lists and have wanted to make one of my own but just haven't gotten around to it. Maybe I will start with a Twenty Wishes list.

#1 Learn to Swing Dance with my husband. I think it would be really fun. Too bad we live in such an area where there are no classes. Maybe someday. Hopefully before we are 90 and in wheelchairs. hehe :)

That's a start. What's your Twenty Wishes?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Britni's First Day of School

Before I head out to the corn patch to pick the rest of the corn so I can freeze it, I wanted to write real quick and include Britni's first day of High School pics. She was so nervous. I remember all too well my first day of High School. I was so nervous as well. She is o.k. when it comes to new friends. It's the changing from class to class and knowing where to go and etc. She will do fine. Her cousin, Nathan, picked her up for school so she didn't have to have Mommy take her. :)

And for other news. Lynn is Jacob's soccer coach this year. He has a way bigger team and they travel. It will be an interesting Autumn. :)

Have a super day everyone!! :)