Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm really not that busy!!

I thought that since my cleaning jobs have dwindled that my life would slow down. But it hasn't. Now that Spring is upon us, I have outside chores to do when the weather is good of course. I am a fair weather worker when it comes to outside duty!!

Last night Lynn and the boys planted peas and carrots. We are trying something new this year and planting these early to see how they do. My rhubarb is also growing and the strawberry plants are getting green leaves. Our fruit trees have buds on them. I think this is the latest they have budded in years. They usually have flowers by now. I hope for more fruit this year!! I have started digging in my flower garden but alas no money to buy flowers so my tulip bulbs will have to do for now. I actually have a few blooming.

Britni was voted for Student of the Month in Leadership. She got a certificate and her picture in the newspaper and an Oh Henry bar. We think the Oh Henry bar is because our Principals name is Mr. Henry. :) However, High School can be rough. She was made fun of yesterday for her beliefs again. Keep Standing Strong!!!

A couple of the boys have Birthday parties this week to go to. Daniel has a campout on Friday/Saturday. He is almost done with 2 more merit badges too!! Yea!!!

Not much else going on. I hope everyone has a Happy Spring Day!! :)

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