Friday, April 8, 2011

Lynn's Birthday

Today is my husbands Birthday!! We won't mention how old he is. He has been very busy today. He took the day off from work. The weather is so nice today that he is putting up the basketball hoop onto our garage. I bought him the basketball hoop the first Christmas we were living in this house. So it's been sitting in our garage for 10 years. The kids are finally big enough to enjoy the benefit of the hoop being on the garage.

Lynn is really the best man for me. I am so glad that I married him. He has so much patience and love. We balance each other!! Which is how it should be. :)

I have made him a New York Style Cheesecake for his Birthday cake!! We are BBQing with the Grandparents for dinner.

It's been the best Spring day as far as weather today. Very sunny and no wind!!! What a great day for a Birthday.

Yesterday he took the afternoon off and we went to the Bonneville Dam and toured it and watched the fish go up the ladder. Not too many fish this time of year. Then we drove to Multnomah Falls and climbed to the top. I made it about 3/4 of the way up. Everyone else made it all the way. How come I am the one that exercises every day but don't have the stamina to make it up to the top of a waterfall??? It was great exercise though and I met some nice people along my way. Daniel's comment to me was "Really, Mom, Do you have to talk to everyone?" I guess I take after Grandpa Morgan that way. We meet so many nice people. :)

It was a fun day. I hope everyone has a Super Spring Day!!!

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