Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away but make all my Garden Grow!!

How come we can't have it both ways?? The rain helps the plants and garden grow yet it's not very fun to look outside and see it raining. However, it is better than snow and really hard wind. I did go jogging anyway this morning. I don't mind sprinkling rain and a little wind. Now the rain is harder so I'm glad that I went earlier this morning.

Friday and Saturday were beautiful. I worked outside on Friday. Weeding a flower garden and transplanting bushes. I even got a project done. I stained and painted a table in our living room. Now I'm waiting for another nice day to paint the book shelve that has my scrapbooks on them. :) Saturday Lynn and the boys worked outside doing the lawn and garden. We planted peas and carrots last week. We hope they survive. We never plant this early.

The Young Women are planning a Modest Fashion show. It was suppose to be this week but I guess the girls need more time so it is postponed for another few weeks. I hope they get everything together. This week will be a dress rehearsal of sorts. Britni and Lexy Knowlton are pretty much in charge of it. Good experience for the girls. Britni is learning the frustration of leadership and planning activities and not having them work out like you want them to.

I hope everyone has a super day. Praying for sunshine!! :)

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