Monday, July 18, 2011


The next few days will be preparing our house for us to leave on our yearly family vacation to the Dairy Farm. The kids are very excited. We will be seeing lots of cousins and family and friends. Britni will be going to EFY all next week at BYU-I. She is very excited. She'll be staying on campus all week. While I get to go shopping with my niece Kimberlie!! :) And I get to see college roommates too. Yea!

Daniel and Britni survived the trek with no blisters or injuries!! Yea!! I am so happy for that. They said it was really hard but they enjoyed it. They met new people. Daniel had a cute girl in his "family" which always helps. Britni had a good time as well. She always finds the cute boys. ;) They had spiritual moments at the end. Daniel said our parent letters "almost" made him cry. While Britni said that they made her bawl. :) They are so tired right now. In fact they are still sleeping. I need to get them up so everyone will do their chores!!

Now time to make some phone calls and turn in my job applications this morning. Plus clean up the house. Have a great Monday!! Love ya all!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, and More

Well, we are going through a decision process. Well, Lynn says it's my decision process. You see there are 2 jobs as Legal Administrative Assistants that I really want to apply for. However, they are full time positions. We could use the extra money but to me working is more than money. It's a feeling of accomplishment that you feel knowing that you are helping the family. It's truly enjoyable for me to type and do secretary stuff. I always have loved my secretary jobs. It's meeting people and helping people. It's learning new skills. However, I'm also a little scared. It has been 15 years since I have worked. I have decided that applying doesn't meant that I will get either job. You see I know of someone else who is applying for one of the jobs and she is better qualified than me in that she has been in the work force recently. All the other jobs that I have applied for I haven't even gotten an interview. Who says I'll get one now?

I keep saying that if the Lord wants me to work, then an opportunity will come along and I will work. But I have to do my part in order to have those opportunities to come along. Well, that is my decision process. I have prayed about it and have not necessarily gotten a no but I haven't gotten a resounding yes either. I wonder if my fears or hopes are getting in the way. Sometimes they do.

Britni and Daniel are on the Trek. I'm sure they are having a fun time. I'll find out tomorrow night.

The little boys are getting chores done and playing with friends. I asked them if they want to do anything special but they don't. I would think with older brother and sister gone they would want to do something fun but it doesn't seem to be.

Time to get to chores and job applications, I guess. Have a super day. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The weather has definitely cooled down. Brr!! At least it's sunny. I love Sunny!! Let's see Britni is done with Summer Basketball. She's happy. I think she was getting a little burned out with sports. She still has soccer practice whenever she is available but it is only 2 days a week. She is very excited for Trek. Which is tomorrow.

The boys are just being boys. Daniel will also be going on the Trek. I don't think that he is quite as excited as Britni. :) But he is learning that he can do Hard Things with the Lords help!! :)

Jacob has been subbing for Brian Golding's paper route. Today is the last day, Yea!! The first week was absolutely horrible. He had gone with Brian once so he could show him the ropes but Jacob doesn't always pay attention to everything. So there were comments like "I think we gave a paper to the house with the "W" on the garage?" or "Brian just gave her a paper but she wasn't on the list." That sort of thing.

Last week was much better. It went way smoother. We didn't miss anyone. Daniel helped out which helped a lot!! So this week should be a piece of cake right? We'll see. I am glad to know that after this experience my boys don't want to have a paper route. If we lived in town, then maybe. But since we live 3 miles out of town, we have to drive the paper route.

Not much else going on. Just another busy day. We will be enjoying the women's Soccer game this morning though. As long as the kids get their chores done. :) Have a super day. :)

Monday, July 11, 2011


This week is our Pioneer Trek. The kids leave on Thursday morning and will be back on Saturday sometime. The communication has not been very good.

The weekend was great. The boys did o.k. selling water. The location wasn't the best but they got a lot of donations for their D.C. trip. The Young Women's yard sale went very well. They earned over $500. Britni's basketball tournament was pretty good. It gave her some good experience. They lost on Saturday, their first game so she got to come home in time to help at the end of the Yard Sale.

I got a little sun. My upper arms are pretty red but they don't hurt which is good. Luckily my foundation had sunscreen in it so my face is fine. :)

We feed the missionaries tonight. I feel so bad for them the missionary calendar goes through the R.S. room and no one signs up. We signed up for today but I can't feed them all the time and next week we go on our Big vacation for the Summer. I wish more people would feed them. This set of missionaries look like they are 15 years old. Maybe it's just because I am getting older that they are looking younger. I hope when my boys go on their missions that people will feed them!!

Not much else going on. Have a super Monday!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Community Days

This weekend is Goldendale's Community Days. There is a parade with lots of fire trucks and tractors and horses!! There are activities on the court house lawn. Lots of Yard Sales around town. And the famous Library Book sale which I love to go to on Saturday afternoon where a bag of books is $1.00. :) It is a fun time. It's not suppose to be so busy though. The Young Women are having a Yard Sale to help with those girls who don't have the money for Girls Camp. Since my Sis in law is the Camp Director and I am going to Camp as a Unit Mom then I need to help with that. Britni should be helping too however, she is involved in a Basketball Tournament in Mabton this weekend. They won their game yesterday!!

Jacob and Benjamin actually have been invited to participate on 2 floats!! One is for Cub Scouts that the other troop in town in doing and the other one is a soccer float and there is also going to be the 4-H Dogs will be walking in the Parade. Benjamin can pick his float and go but Jacob and Daniel have already committed themselves to sell water at the Presby Mansion Museum during the Parade for their Washington D.C. Trip. I cannot wait until fund raisers are done. UGH!!

Best get busy doing what we do!! Have a great day. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Work Here is never done!!

SO we had a very nice 4th of July. There was a flag raising and breakfast at the church which was nice. The Bishopric did a great job making andgetting the food out fast. They fed a lot of people. Then we came home and did house and yard work. Lynn rearranged the garage. It needed cleaning anyway but I wasn't getting to it very fast. It looks great now. Then we had a BBQ. Grandpa came over. Grandma wasn't feeling well. Then just before we do fireworks we always bring our dogs in the house because they scare easily. We go out to get them and they are no where to be seen. Some neighbors down the road started lighting them early!! The dogs took off somewhere. WE searched but to no avail. So we lighted our fireworks and prayed really really hard that the dogs would come back. I now wonder if that was such a good idea. They showed up at 3 a.m. full of ticks. So yesterday, Britni and I, pulled ticks out of each dog. Mandy our bigger white dog had over 100 and Misty the little black one probably had over 30. We are still finding ticks on them even after bathing them and using Fronline Plus on them and even feeding them lots of garlic. I heard that is suppose to help with ticks. Still this morning I was pulling more off of them. I don't know if it will ever end. I do know that I never want to see another tick again!! UGH!!

Britni has a Basketball Tournament in Mabton this weekend. Then she is done with Basketball for the Summer, I think. She will still have soccer practice though.

The Pioneer Trek is next Weekend. The kids are excited. I got Britni's skirt fixed and ready. It's not the best sewing job. I used to sew better but I don't do it often enough anymore to be any good at it. Good thing they only need to wear it for 3 days.

Daniel loved Boy Scout Camp. Even though it rained on him for 3 of the days. It was on the coast so he got to go to the beach. He got the Canoeing, Oceanography and Archery Merit Badges. He will have the First Aid one soon. All he had to do was #1 but he kept forgetting to do it at camp. So now he has to finish it off here. However, He also got his First Class!!! He is now a Star!! Yea!! He now sees a silver lining. He is actually picking out merit badges that he will do and everything. I am so happy!!! :) YEA Daniel!!! :)

Well, I better get going. I need to crack the whip and get the kids to do their chores. Have a great day. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011


I miss Daniel. My other kids miss Daniel. Boy Scout camp is so long!! I know it's only 1 more day than Girls Camp. But I still miss my Daniel!! I really don't know how I will make it when the kids start leaving home. I like my family to be all together. Then I am happy when I know they are safe and sound.

We only have a week an a half until Trek. I need to fix Britni's pioneer skirt. It's one that I had made for me years ago so I just need to adjust the waist and shorten it.

It's finally a beautiful day. No wind today yet. yea.

The other boys are excited to go fishing with Grandpa today. They are busily finishing up their chores so they can go.

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July. No plans here. Just hanging out at home. :)