Thursday, March 29, 2012

Parent /Teacher Conferences

It's that time of year again when we get to go to Parent Teacher Conferences. I really do enjoy going to these conferences and talking to the teachers about my children. I really appreciate all of the teachers that my kids have. They work so hard for our children.

Yesterday was the boys conferences. Usually the school will put the conferences either youngest to oldest or vice versa. Not this time. We started with Jacob. Jacob still has pretty good grades. He barely squeaked by with his reading grade (for our family that's not having a C). But at least he made it. I think he's my procrastinator.

Daniel was suppose to be next but his teacher was a whole conference behind schedule. So I walked to by Benjamin's teacher who was in a conference and then went downstairs to Samuel's teacher who was free. She fit me in so I didn't have to wait.

Samuel is doing very well in 1st grade. He keeps saying how easy 1st grade is. So I told his teacher who made a note to give him some extra work that will challenge him a little more. He is excited for that. He exceeds in Math and Reading. And he does very well with the other subjects as well.

I was able to do Benjamin's next. Daniel's teacher wasn't done with the person before Daniel. His teacher this wouldn't take too long. Benjamin does very well in all areas. She is mainly just happy to have a student who completes his work and doesn't cause problems. It must be a pretty rough class.

Now for Daniel. Daniel has the highest GPA in his class a 3.55. That is pretty sad. His teacher is a hard teacher but he prepares the kids very well for High School. All the kids who have had this teacher has said that High School is easy compared to his class. He advised Daniel to retake Algebra next year. He is getting a B in Algebra but doesn't seem to understand the concepts. He also advised Daniel to try Cross Country Track in the Fall to get him in shape for Basketball. He also advised Daniel to take weight lifting. hehe!! We will see what Daniel chooses when the counselor from the High School comes to sign them up for classes for next year.

Today was Britni's conference. I wonder why I even go to her conferences. She does a Student Led Conference. It's suppose to help the kids be responsible for their grades and their future. Britni is such an over achiever that I really don't worry about her so much. She has straight A's again. She's well on her way to Valedictorian. Way to go Brit!!

Over all pretty good conferences. I must say Congratulations to my niece Kliss who just had a beautiful baby boy!!!

Next week is Spring Break here. Enjoy!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blogger's block or something like that

I guess you could say that I have bloggers block. I'm always a little shy about what I write. I mostly write for my family and friends that live far away. So I am now trying to figure out what has been happening in our family since I last wrote. We are done with sports for a while. It's nice to have a break from the craziness of it all. However, the boys are crazier than ever. I have come to realize that sports really do help with all that pent up energy that boys have. I am so happy that Lynn finally got the basketball hoop up last year. The boys are out there all the time on the nice days shooting hoops. Our soccer net however has seen better days. We will have to fix it one of these day. The Parent/Kid basketball game is tomorrow night. I will be home, I hope. I only played the year that Britni was in 8th grade. Lynn played last year and had a good time. He loves Basketball.

Lynn was gone for part of the week last week. His Grandmother passed away. He drove to Idaho on Wednesday and came home on Friday. During that time, I scraped the wall paper border off of my bathroom and then painted my bathroom. I also had my haircut while he was gone. So Lynn had quite the surprise when he got home. I just wish that I could have slept while he was gone. I never sleep when he is gone. I was hoping that with all the work in the bathroom that I did that I would be so tired that I would sleep. That didn't work.

The greatest thing that I did this past week was go with my friend, Carollynn, and her family to the Temple. They were sealed to their daughter, Kayla and son, Patrick. Now they are an eternal family. I was also there for their daughter Tiffany to be sealed to her husband. Tiffany is very pregnant and wanted to be sealed before her baby was born. It was a great day!!!

This week will be parent teacher conferences. I enjoy going and visiting with the teachers and seeing what my kids have been up to in their classes.

Well, I hope that everyone has a great week.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Old Schtuff and New Schtuff

It seems to be that time in our lives when things start to break, wear out, or just quit working. So it is with a few of my necessities of life.

Our Microwave door broke about 2 weeks ago. It still worked but you had to slam it shut in order to get it to close all the way so you could cook stuff. As my Mom will attest, I use my microwave a lot. In fact, she had to buy me one when I went to college so I wouldn't starve. :) On Tuesday, my husband had to go to The Dalles for his Presidency meeting. He left early enough so he could buy us a new microwave. Britni and I had already picked it out. :) It's shiny with lots of new buttons. We are having fun learning how to work this one. :)

Next, I broke my crock pot a month or more ago. I have been lost without my crock pot. I use it all the time or I did until it broke. So on Saturday while Lynn was playing on the computer he ordered me a new one online. It came yesterday!! Yea!! It is shiny and has lots of buttons too. It's digital. Way cool!! I can't wait to use it!! :)

However, before all of this happened. Our telephones started to die on us. We have had them several years. The kids even lost one of them last year. We swear that they buried it outside somewhere. We expected a dog to dig it up but that never happened. Anyway, the batteries just started dying in all of them. So when we went on our Portland trip to the Temple, we stopped at Best Buy and looked at phones and batteries. The batteries were just as much as if we bought a new phone system. So we ended up buying a new phone system (at Costco actually) we were comparison shopping and Costco had it cheaper.

I am hoping that nothing more breaks or dies on us. At lease these were relatively insignificant compared to what it could be. I don't dare mention all the possibilities. I might jinx myself.

I will now go use my shiny new microwave to make my lunch. Have a fun and happy Sunshiny day!! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy 14th Birthday Daniel

I was suppose to write this on Sunday when Daniel actually turned 14 but I got the flu that night and have done nothing since then. Now that I am back among the living, I will write about my Daniel!!

Daniel is an amazing young man. He is growing up so fast not just his height which he is taller than his Dad now. But also spiritually and mentally. He can still be goofy Daniel when he wants to be. But for the most part he is a great example for his little brothers. He loves Basketball and sports in general. He loves his family. He stands strong among his friends. He may get lax in his school work at times but he will work hard to get them back up when need be. I am truly grateful that Daniel is a part of our family. I love him so.

Here's the latest pictures of him with his sis!! Happy Birthday Daniel!!!