Monday, May 30, 2011

Jacob's 11th Birthday

Today my Jacob turns 11 years old. One more year and he gets the Priesthood. They grow up so fast. He is excited to be in 11 year old scouts and play Soccer. With today being Memorial Day he picked out a Rocket cake with red, white and blue M&M's on it.

Jacob has always been my boy who loves the outdoors. He loves to mow the lawn and help his Dad in the garden. He loves animals. We have always called him our Farmer Boy. However, he also loves sports. He played Basketball for the first time this year and loved it like his Dad. He is excited to be playing Soccer in the Fall. He always has a smile for you. Everybody loves Jacob!! He is shy and quite most of the time yet can be very loud and fun with his brothers.

We all love our Jacob. Have a Super Happy Birthday. We'll be playing family Soccer game this morning and then a BBQ and cake tonight!! Happy Memorial Day to all our Veterans!! :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Another give away by

There is another give away by

Another contest is on Old Farmhouse Gathering with Artfire. A FARMHOUSE GATHERING ON ARTFIRE Barb from Barb's Heartstrokes has a very cute item up for grabs.

Old Farmhouse Gathering has some very cute things. It's fun to enter contests I have found. I am finding lots of great things.

Have a great weekend. :)


Yea, it is Friday!! Last night was Jacob's last cub scout pack meeting. He is now a Boy Scout. :) He's very excited to be moving on. Benjamin also received his Wolf badge last night. They are all growing up so fast.

I really wish the weather would stay nice. I'm starting to get a cold thanks to the changing weather. I get a sunburn on Wednesday and then rained on Thursday and Friday. UGH! The kids are catching the colds too. No fun.

Britni gets a 4 day weekend but the boys have to go to school today. She will be working this morning to earn some moolah!!

I have been going to visit Grandma on Wednesdays while Grandpa is working delivering newspapers. We chat and then go to lunch. Very fun. I have a friend who lost her Mother a year ago and reminds me all the time to enjoy this time with Mom since she won't be here forever. Time is precious.

Grandpa and Grandma are going to the temple with us tomorrow. I always enjoy going to the temple and feeling the spirit there. It really rejuvenates me.

I have completed my resume and have even given one out. It's a start. Grandpa heard of an opening for part time secretary at the newspaper office. So I took in my resume. However, it's really who you know around here if you want to get a job. If the Lord really wants me to work then he will provide the way. I will just keep trying.

I hope everyone has a super Memorial Day Weekend. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quick Note!!

Britni is our first Superior Master Scriptorian. She quoted all 25 Scripture Mastery scriptures in order!! We are all pretty excited for her.

Samuel, Benjamin and Jacob were in Spring Musicals at school. Samuel and Benjamin performed in "ARF" a musical about a dog show. Benjamin was a bulldog and Samuel was a Kinder Pup!! Very cute and fun.

Jacob performed as a pirate as Blackbeard. Very fun play. He did a great job as a pirate. It also gave me some ideas for Girls Camp since my group are Pirates who seek great treasure. :)

I better get dinner going. Have a great day and stay dry!! :) Yesterday I got a sunburn today I got pelted with rain. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Duly Chastised Myself

I made a goal to write at least twice to 3 times a week. Last week, I failed. It's not like I'm super busy like my Sis Marvelle. It's just that I was watching my Grand Nephew on Thursday and Friday and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was preparing for the Combined Activity with the Young Men.

Cupcake Wars was a success I think. There is always room for improvement. I am just glad that I don't have to do it again for 6 months. :)

I've been watching Evan, my Grand Nephew? I think that is what he is. Anyway, he is super cute but very busy boy. I only have him for 3 1/2 hours and I am wore out afterwards. What is funny, is our super hyper dog, Misty, has finally met her match with him!! However, I did see him hugging her and feeding her fish crackers today so they must have come to an understanding!! LOL!!

Daniel survived the Boy Scout Camporee this weekend. The poor boy was so tired on Sunday. In fact all the deacons were!! That is primarily who does the Boy Scout thing in our Ward. We do have one boy, The Stake Presidents son who is working on getting his Eagle. Daniel will get his First Class soon. He just has to have a Scoutmaster review and then he's done. Yea!! He also finished off 2 more merit badges last week. Yea!!!

Britni went to the Temple on Saturday. It was a small group because of the Camporee but she had a good time and did a family name for Grandma Morgan.

Time to change over the never ending laundry!! Have a Happy Monday and I promise to repent and write more this week!! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Britni brought home the Gold while the boys brought home the Blues!!

On Saturday the kids had their Piano Recital (Festival) in The Dalles. It's where the kids play 2 songs that they have learned and then get judged on them by a judge who also will teach them a few things after the group is done playing.

Benjamin ended up being in a level higher than he should of been but that did not deter him!! He did a great job for his first one and he even said it was kind of fun. We had a really nice judge this year. We have had him before and the kids all like him. He finished with a Blue Excellent Ribbon!! Great job Ben!

Next Jacob. He brought home a gold last year but this year even though he had all the note right it just wasn't very exciting for the judge. So he got a Blue Excellent Ribbon also.

Then Daniel. Daniel has been fighting Piano for awhile now. He is 13 so I expect some resistance the thing is that he is really good. He was playing in Priesthood all the time and he actually enjoys that. Daniel could have tried harder I think. He didn't give it his all in my opinion. The judge didn't either. He brought home a Blue Excellent Ribbon also!!

Now Britni. She has really improved this year. I think the syllabus that she did earlier this year and then playing at church has helped her relax a little bit. She was still pretty nervous. But she performed her pieces to perfection. The judge thought so too. (It doesn't hurt that she is so cute either!!) :) She brought home the Gold Superior Ribbon this year. This is her first one out of all the years that she has done this festival.

That was our excitement for the weekend. Well, we did BBQ in a Thunder storm on Saturday too. We had the missionaries over for dinner and the menu was BBQ Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. That was pretty exciting too!! :) Have a great Monday!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Modest Fashion Show

Last night the Young Women put on a Modest Fashion Show and invited the Relief Society. It was very fun and a little stressful. Britni and her friend Lexy were in charge. It ended up just being Britni though because Lexy had to work last night. She did a great job. We ended up having only 4 girls actually walk in the fashion show but that's o.k. The rest helped in one way or another. We made an outline of a catwalk in the gym using the poles and plastic chain that we use for out Nativity every year. Then we had streamers in the doorway of the overflow for the girls to walk out of. They looked great. I'll post pictures when I get them. Our YW President took the pictures and also MCed it. I did the music and set up. The girls also performed a couple of dances. One from the dance festival last year and then the Hoedown Throwdown. They had 4 categories. Casual, Western, Fitness and Formal.

Next week, the Mia maids (me) are in charge of the combined with they Young Men. We are going to steal an idea from my Sister-in-law, Megan. Cupcake Wars. It should be fun.

Have a super day. :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

I am so Loved!! Mother's Day Weekend was AWESOME!!

First off I have to say I have the best family EVER!!! My husband let me go to the beach with some of my girlfriends for an over nighter!! Talk about fun!! We laughed, we talked, we laughed some more!! It was great. Even though it was raining at the beach, it didn't matter to us. We walked in the rain, then shopped in the rain, and then ate in the rain!! It's all good!! :) We had a blast. We left Friday morning and came home Saturday night. I now feel rejuvenated and refreshed. I am happy!!

Then when I got home, the house was clean, the family was reading scriptures, there was Mother's Day Flowers on the table from Lynn. Then on Mother's Day, my kids gave me all their cards which was so cute. Benjamin ended the day with making 4 cards for me. 2 from church and 2 from school. Jacob and Samuel had forgotten theirs from school but made me 1 at church. Then Britni who feels gypped because she doesn't get to make Mother's Day cards at school or church made me a great card at home. And then Daniel who said he left his really good picture at school made me another one with the best saying on it. He drew and colored me a picture of mountains and then wrote on it in handwriting that I can actually read "I only regret that I can give you one gift." Isn't that sweet? He is the sweetest boy.

Then my one refusal of Mother's Day is that I won't make dinner. So Lynn and the kids made dinner that night. Blueberry pancakes and bacon and milk. Very yummy!!

Now it is Monday morning and laundry is calling along with cleaning up the house from yesterday. It's not that bad. I had no wind on my jogging this morning. I told Lynn that I felt like a real jogger until I was almost home and realized that I was actually wheezing instead of breathing!!! LOL!!

I better get to cleaning!! Have a super Monday!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not all Spray Paint is Alike

Today is a gorgeous day!! So I have been out spray painting my shelves and fixed my table that Britni spilled nail polish remover on. However, I have learned that not all spray paint is alike. I had 2 different brands. One was a Krylon 2x the coverage and the other was the HD brand that you get at Fred Meyer. The Krylon is the best!! It really does cover and lasts so much longer than the other brands. I never knew that it would be that much different. The shelves look great though. Britni says that I am going goth because I keep spray painting furniture black. She just doesn't realize how much better the furniture looks when painted. :) Besides the little table has a red top and black bottom. So it's not ALL black!! :)

As far as the family goes, not much going on since I last wrote. However, on Friday, I am going to the beach with some girlfriends. Just overnight. But I am so excited to just get away for a couple of days. Just to get out of town makes a difference in perspective.

I have started walking with a couple of girlfriends on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings. It's a great extra workout. We enjoy just being together and chatting and being outside. I still go jogging in the early morning. Today I actually came back 5 minutes earlier than usual. I must be getting stronger!! :) Yea!! Or it was just the fact that there was no wind this morning. That always makes a difference. It shouldn't but it does. I really don't like the wind.

I better get back to my projects for the day. The tulips are out. Spring is in the air. Love to you all!! :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's All About Britni and Daniel and Resolution Check

Well, Britni has great news this weekend. She is officially out of debt and even has some money for her name. She says she is glad that we had done this so that she has learned what it is like to be in debt. She doesn't like it. That is good news. I never learned how to take care of money until recently. Also Britni got her hair cut on Saturday. It's really cute. She looks all grown up now. I'll post a picture.

Britni and Daniel went to the Pioneer Trek Winter Quarters activity and they had a lot of fun. Daniel was not happy that we were "making" him go. So we were so pleased and surprised when he came home happy and excited to go on the Trek!!! Yea!!! Britni went to a double stake dance on Saturday and didn't get home until after 1 a.m. When they have dances like that they should have them closer to home or more central so the kids can get home before midnight. That's my opinion on the matter.

Resolution check up for me!!

1. Losing weight - Nada!! I am still exercising and have even started jogging. My shoulder and arm keep getting hurt. My Nephew, David, is a chiropractor and he is coming to visit next month. I am hoping he can help.

2. Scrapbooks - I have completed the by hand for all the kids and I have been doing the digital and actually keeping up. I think. :)

3. Lynn's Mission Scrapbook - I have dug out the pictures that I have had developed and I have started his Scrapbook this weekend. He is so organized that he even has a notebook with the slide numbers in it and what is on each slide. So I have to go to each slide and figure out what picture it is and then label them. He is making it so difficult. I was hoping he can remember but I guess 20 years is a long time to remember people's names. At least he is organized. :)

4. Reading Ensign and Sunday School lessons - I have finished the Aprils Ensign however, I have been reading a couple of the S.S. lessons during the lessons on Sundays a couple of times. I'm still keeping up though which is good for me!! Yea.

5. Write on blog more. I am trying. I just don't have much to say sometimes. I am doing much better than before though.

I hope everyone has a super Spring day. No Wind this morning. I am going to spray paint a shelf today. Yea!! :)