Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I never thought it would get here not that I have been excited about Thanksgiving. Just the opposite really. Only because next week will be The Nativity Exhibit Week of setting up decorating and checking in Nativities. I know it will beautiful and hopeful peaceful experience for all who can attend. But for me, it's been a little nerve racking. I'm really glad that I have lived her for so many years that the whole ward has truly become my family. Not to mention my real family who is helping lots and lots too. Mom and Dad have done a lot by ironing table cloths and staining shelves for the exhibits. Thanks Mom and Dad for always having my back!!

Now on to Thanksgiving. I love Turkey, Football, Parades and just being with friends and family. I wish I could spend it will all my crazy brothers and their families but just know that I am thinking of you on Thanksgiving and Thanking you for being my wild and crazy brothers who married incredible women who are my awesome sisters!! :)

I could start a list but never truly be ever finish it because I have so much to be thankful for. Great family, wonderful husband, and of course the most important the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.

Gotta love Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family. We love you!!!

P.S. Britni is on the JV Basketball team with her 8th grade teacher as her coach. The boys also have the same coach. Should be a great season. Basketball anyone??

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanks to the Veterans!

It's Veterans Day! The day that we should thank our Mom and Dad for serving their county and all of our other family and friends that are serving our country. I was going to send a care package to a friend of ours who is in Iraq but found out that his mail and internet has been closed off for a while. I hope that Jason is safe.

It is a beautiful day to rake leaves. So I think that is what I am going to do with my kids today. There are so many leave around town. We have friends that always save their leaves for us. It is definitely time.

We had a R.S. Meeting yesterday. I still call it homemaking. I will always call it homemaking because that is what it is to me. It was on Dehydrating food. It was really interesting. Did you know that you can make your own instant rice but cooking regular rice and then dehydrating it? I didn't. You could also dehydrate any leftovers you have and use them as emergency food. Like MRE's. Pretty interesting stuff.

All of us are pretty healthy and happy. Have a super Veterans Day and remember to Thank our Veterans!! :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Parent Teacher Conference

It's the boys turn now for Parent Teacher Conference. It began with Jacob who is a good student and his teacher really likes him. She always wants her students to be at the conference so they are more accountable for their grades. She says that Jacob is a quiet leader which is good. He is well liked and she can't wait to watch him play Basketball.

Daniel's teacher was running behind schedule so we had to come back to him. However, Daniel stayed to negotiate a grade with him in Science. :) I'll tell about that later.

Benjamin is doing well in school. When he finishes his assignments, he reads is AR book which the teacher likes. She says he is sloppy in his writing though. That was actually a general consensus among all the teachers for all the boys. So Lynn has suggested Handwriting Homework after school every day. We will see how that goes.

Samuel is doing well. He teacher just thinks he is so cute!! He has her fooled!! :) He has only missed 1 spelling word all year long so far. He even remembers what word it is and how he had spelled it wrong. He spelled Brown "Bown" He forgot the R. It was traumatizing because he didn't get a piece of candy for getting all his words right that day. Poor kid!!

Now to Daniel. I really like Daniel's teacher. He is good with the kids. I think he realized that by mentioning Britni a lot last year was detrimental to Daniel. So this year he has only mentioned her twice so far. Daniel has the potential to get way better grades than he has. If he really tried, he could have straight A's. He has all 3 A's and 5 B's. Some of those B's are on the low end!! He had to negotiate a C+ so he could play Basketball. That is our family rule. No sports if you have a C. He was able to negotiate it by doing some extra work for Mr. Fields. But Daniel was given quite a talking to about how when things get hard, he quits. Which I have known all his life. I'm not sure how to help him with that problem either.

Well, that was the conferences in a nutshell. Best be going. Have a great day!! :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

LIfe gets so busy

I will give a recap of last week. Mondays I go to Centerville School and help Samuel's teacher out for about an hour. I usually make copies and correct papers. Last week I corrected a test that they took in English. I can tell you that Samuel will not be an English major. He may be a Math major though. He is really good at Math!!

Tuesday I had the chance to go on Daniel and Jacob's field trip to the Little White Salmon Fish Hatchery and to the Discovery Museum in Stevenson. The Fish Hatchery was kind of interesting but kind of gross too. They were working with the Coho Salmon that actually make it to the fish hatchery. They were taking the eggs out of the girl fish and then squeezing the guy fish to fertilize the eggs then the eggs go into a special tray to incubate. Jacob's class will actually get the eggs at the beginning of January and finish hatching them. We always did baby chicks when I was in school. I think this is the first year that they are trying the fish.

The Museum was kind of fun. I love Museums!! This one had a real steam engine that was used with logging back in the day. They started it up for us. They also had a fish catcher type thing that they used in the rivers before the dams were built. A family actually lived in the little hut by the fish catcher. The cabin was probably as big as my living room. Not very big. They had a lot of old pictures of families and they had a section with Japanese stuff and a section of Catholic medals and jewelry. They some really cool old cars and trains too. Then an Indian woman told us some stories about the Columbia Gorge. Pretty interesting.

The rest of the week I was busy but don't remember much. Lynn, Dad, Mom and I went to the Portland Temple on Saturday. Mom usually does initatories. She was met by Aunt Joyce after she was done and they had a nice chat. Cousin Deborah took Aunt Joyce to Hawaii. I would love to go to Hawaii. One of these years maybe.

I taught Relief Society on Sunday. I haven't taught R.S. in about 10 years. But I wasn't really nervous because all the sisters have been my friends for years. It was kind of fun. Mom actually said that I did a good job. Yea!!

I better get going. I will try to update more. Life just gets in they way sometimes. Have a great week. :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November is here!!

I am told that Christmas is like 7 weeks away or something like that. I don't want to think about it. O.k. I do want to think about what I am getting everyone for Christmas.

This week has been crazy!! The kids are getting sick now that Soccer is over with!! Isn't that how it is? Halloween was good. The boys went to their school Halloween Bash!! Almost all the boys won a cake at the cake walk. Poor Benjamin never seems to win. He tries so hard!! :( Between cake and candy my diet has been non existent!!

I will have to write more later. I have so much to catch up on. I was gone all day yesterday with Daniel and Jacob on their field trip. Laundry and cleaning is behind schedule!! Have a super day.