Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29, 2011

Well, it has been a busy few days. I heard Monday night that Daniel got to Boy Scout camp safely. I learned that from my friend Diana whose husband is the Boy Scout Master and called her to let her know. They were having fun.

Monday night Britni had a Basketball game for summer basketball. She played o.k. I guess Basketball camp can't really make her be more aggressive. It is just not in her nature. But she did make a few good plays even though she didn't make any points.

Jacob and Daniel have a chance to go to Washington D.C. with their school. They have been fund raising for a year now. They will actually go to Washington D.C. next June. So they have a year to go to get the money. We found out how much it was going to be for a 8 day trip. It's not a pretty site. The boys only have a 1/4 of what they need to make for this trip. This is such a once in a life time opportunity. They will be going to Washington D.C. and New York City and Boston. We will keep plugging along and hope for the best.

Yesterday, between visiting teaching and dog class and Britni's soccer practice. It was busy. My dog Mandy actually did well with all her obedience but I am never worried about her. Jacob said his dog Misty did better than she usually does. At least she didn't whine for me as much. That's an improvement. She usually whines through the whole class wanting me. We will be showing our Dogs at the County Fair this year. I'm not real thrilled with doing it but it helps Jacob to have me there.

Not much else. I hope everyone has a super day. :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Shame on Me Again!!

Only one blog last week. Oops!! Britni loved Basketball Camp. Even when she got pushed into the bleachers and hurt her tailbone and even when she got elbowed in the nose. She still had a blast. I guess she does really like basketball after all!! :)

Benjamin loved Day/night camp. He is so social. He loved even singing the Star Spangled Banner for their skit.

Daniel left at 3 a.m. this morning for Boy Scout Camp at Camp Merriwether on the coast. He will have a blast. He was pretty nervous and we as his parents were pretty nervous for him but he will do fine. He is learning that He Can Do Hard Things with the Lords help!! :)

Lynn about killed himself on Saturday as he did a lot of yard work and trimmed our trees. Climbing ladders and cutting big branches were a little scary but other than that the yard looks great!! Jacob helped Dad the most with the yard work as usual. :) Our little worker!!

Samuel is as happy go lucky as ever for the most part. He is trying to throw tantrums to get attention but it's not working.

I think that covers just about everyone. Oh I guess I should say I have a new calling. I am the Relief Society Secretary. I wasn't expecting that one. So it was quite a shock. But it should be fun. I was the Relief Society Secretary when we first moved to Goldendale 14 years ago. So it's not that new to me however, I really don't remember that far back.

Have a great week. I will write again on Wednesday. Maybe if I actually say I will then I will do it. :) Love ya all!! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Britni and Benjamin

Benjamin has Twilight Cub Scout Camp this week. Yesterday was his first day. He had a great time. I think. He shot his first BB gun. And had fun playing games and making things. He didn't get home until 10:20 or so at night. So he slept in a bit this morning. But he is so excited to go again today.

Britni has an Amazing opportunity this week. This week is the Gonzaga Basketball camp. We can't afford to pay for camps so she wasn't planning on going. However, yesterday afternoon we got a phone call from the Varsity coach saying that a couple of girls had to cancel at the last minute and wanted someone else to take their place. Their money was non refundable so he offered the spot to Britni. So she left this morning for the Gonzaga Basketball camp. She was pretty nervous but I think excited at the same time. She will have a great time and learn so much. She will definitely find out if she loves Basketball as much as she thinks she does. :) Of course, she will also have to be strong and courageous to choose the right and stand up for what she believes in since she is the only member of the church going. I still can't believe that she was able to go for free!! What a blessing. At least I hope it's a blessing. I know a lot of stuff can go on at these camps.

We just Gotta Have Faith !!! Just like the song says!! Was that George Michael who sang that? Have a super day. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Busy Busy Week

Last week was pretty busy because the boys were out of school and I still had to take Britni to school for 4 days last week. She is now done and happy. The kids are outside weeding the garden right now. I love Summer chores!! They are AWESOME!! :) We have had my in-laws in town and also David and Carmine's Daughters with their families. We had our family pictures taken by Valerie! She does an AWESOME job! I can't wait to see them. And her husband David is a Chiropractor and he helped us all so now we are feeling pretty good. :) We owe them big time.

Nathan Bischoff was ordained an Elder yesterday. It was a great experience. I should have grabbed my boys and pulled them in but it was hard enough to get me in there. You see I have no calling now at church so the Nursery sucked me in because their leader was ill. So I got to play with little kids and eat snacks. :) It would have been more fun if I had plans for the kids to do things. The way the Bishop was asking me if I liked it, I'm pretty sure that I'll end up in Nursery. Which is fine. I do like little kids.

My kids are growing up so fast that I now enjoy the little ones. :)

Well, I better get going. Our phone service is not working. Our whole neighborhood is having problems. Have a super Monday. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Released and nothing to do

Well, yesterday I was released from Young Women's. And they did not give me another calling. It is kind of depressing to know that no one wants you in their organization. I am sure that something will come up. I figure it will be cub scouts and I won't be getting that calling until September probably. I should enjoy the break from callings. But I'm not so sure.

Today is the first day of Summer for the boys. They are out weeding the garden right now which is one of their chores. We had a family council last night to get the chores and the consequences set up. Daniel and Jacob were so enthusiastic that they got up at 6 a.m. this morning and went jogging with me and Britni. I am still the slowest out of all of them. But I am older and have more weight on my body than they do. That my excuse and I'm sticking to it!! :)

The kids are going to help me with my diet/exercise this summer. I hope they don't kill me in the process. :) Maybe I'll lose a little bit of weight. That would be nice. We are suppose to have Valerie take our family photos tonight. It's a pretty windy day today and it's partly cloudy. Hopefully by tonight it will change for the better as in no wind!! I know living in the Gorge that is wishful thinking.

I better get going for the day. If you want to listen to Britni's piano piece go to my facebook or Lynn's facebook. We posted a video of it on Saturday.

Love you all and have a happy day!! :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Britni playing the piano on Sunday and Schools out for the boys

I was going to add a video of Britni playing the Jon Schmitt song that she is playing tomorrow in Sacrament but it has been 4 hours and it is still not uploaded yet. Therefore, you will just have to be there. :)

Yesterday was the boys last day of school. They came home at Noon with their year books covered in signatures. Not really a surprise is the fact that Daniel had the most Accelerated Reader points in the whole school. He beat out ReAnna whose in Jacob's grade by .4 points. His name will go in the library at the school on a plaque. He also was awarded the best sportsmanship award. He also had the Hustle award in Basketball.

Jacob came home with the Friendliest Award. He is so sweet and fun that I can understand why he got that award. :)

The First and Second teacher at Centerville has retired after 32 years of teaching. She almost taught all my kids. She just barely misses teaching Samuel. The new teacher is actually going to be the Kindergarten teacher that he had last year. So he will end up with the same teacher for 3 years. Luckily Samuel likes her. :)

Samuel is not feeling good today. Lynn, Britni and Daniel are at the Temple today. Have a Super Saturday!! :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Funny Things

Daniel has been studying World War II and Hitler's Master Race (the Ayrian Germans). He's been talking a lot about this at home. Benjamin the fun kid that he is drew the perfect German for us since our name (Bischoff) is German. I think it looks a lot like Daniel with a mustache!!

Then Britni had a girl at school tell her that she knows why Mormons have so many kids. She said that everybody hates Mormons so in order for Mormons to have friends, they need to have lots of children so someone will like them. Britni said I have friends. They countered with yea with the 87 people in your family. Britni laughed and said that she only has 7 in her family!! Ha! :) It is funny to hear what people will believe.

Have a great day!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Great weekend and last week of school for boys!

We had a great Stake Conference Weekend. The messages were inspiring as always. This is the boys last week of school. They are very excited. I am even excited this year. This is the first year that I am excited to be done with school and to just have my kiddos at home. But then again having 2 babysitters around helps. :) I need to get the chore list made up today so I am ready. :)

Last night was Seminary graduation. Nathan, my nephew graduated and spoke. He did a great job on his talk. I was remembering when I first met him as a boy. He has sure grown into an Amazing Young Man!! Britni got her little trophy for her Superior Scriptorian plus a pin for being Master Scriptorian. She also had 95% or better attendance and punctuality. It helps that her Dad has to be to work early. :)

She has 2 more weeks of school left. She is done June 16th. She plays in church this Sunday. I am going to record it at home and post it so everyone can hear how Amazing she is!! :)

Have a super Monday!! Off to laundry and house work!! :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stake Conference Weekend

This weekend is Stake Conference. With Lynn being the Stake Executive Secretary I get to participate in the special meal in between sessions this afternoon. I am to take fruit. So I will pick up a watermelon and cantalope and etc. this morning. After the Dog Walk that Jacob and I have to go to.

Lynn is at a AYSO Soccer meeting this morning. He should be home soon. Then at 10:00 Jacob and I are participating in a 4-H Dog Walk. All proceeds goes to the American Red Cross and the Tornado victims. Then at 2 p.m. I have a Bridal Shower to go to for my Visiting Teaching partner! Then I will be going to carpool down to The Dalles for Stake Conference Adult Session and dinner. :)

Have a super Saturday!! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I remember now!!

I am feeling so much better now. I have a slight headache this morning. I'm not sure if it's from the dialating of my eyes yesterday at the eye dr. or if it's allergies. I'm thinking allergies/summer cold coming on. Bummer!!

Anyway, I can think and I have some energy. Yea!! I am happy!!

I remember what I was going to write yesterday. I was going to do a check list of my goals for the year.

#1 Lose Weight. I am going to reword this one because I am reading a book right now that is telling me why I am not losing weight with my thyroid meds and etc. So How about Eat Healthy and Exercise. ----Doing fairly well. I am eating at least one fruit or veggie with each meal a day. That is my real goal right now. Doing really well with the exercise. I need to step up my game with resistance bands here pretty soon. My shoulder is healing nicely from my injury a few months ago.

#2 Scrapbooks are all caught up. I just need to be able to afford to print off the kids digital pages as I get them done.

#3 Lynn's Mission Scrapbook. I have begun!!! I have the pictures out and I am working on pages. I have about 75 of the 200 pictures done. That's just what I have printed. I still need to get the rest printed from slides!! Why were slides so popular back in the day for Missions???

#4 Read Sunday School lesson and Ensign to the fullest. I am good on this one. I think I might have missed one Sunday School lesson but that's still pretty good.

#5 Write on my blog more. Well, I have chastised myself a lot on this one already. I am really trying though.

Yucky windy day today. But I'm still going walking with my girlfriends!! The more exercise the better. :) Have a great day!! :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I know that I was going to blog about something but I can't remember what. I just hate it when that happens. I tried to go off my thyroid medicine for a few days and realized by day 3 that I really needed to get back on it. Between the exhaustion and the fuzzy brain right now, I don't know how I made it without it. I do feel better this morning but still tired and fuzzy.

Jacob had a great birthday. He played Soccer, ate BBQed Steak, opened presents and ate cake! Life was good!! He even finished his book and took the AR test yesterday and got 100% on it. Yea!! He's only 2 points away from his goal for this quarter. He also finally found his shoe. He lost one of his shoes at school. Then kept forgetting to look for it in the lost and found until yesterday!! :)

Centerville School is taking the kids to the swimming pool for "swim lessons". I'm not sure how much lesson they really get out of it. But the boys are having fun this week.

Britni got a surprise babysitting job yesterday after school. I found out about a friend needing a sitter right after school. So I took a note with a candy bar for incentive to the school. Britni is not only out of debt with her parents but has over $65 to her name. Now she is making a list of everything she will need for school next year and trying to figure out how she will be about pay for it all. :) Babysitting is great!!

Not much else to tell. The rest of the kids are doing well. Lynn has realized that he is not as young as he used to be. He's pretty sore after the soccer games on Monday plus planting garden and weed eating the lawn and etc. that he did that day!! :) Have a great Windsday as Winnie the Pooh would say!! :)