Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winter is coming!!

The First snow on the Simcoe Mountains means Winter is coming. Just like in the Spring when the snow is off the Simcoe Mountains, you can plant your garden but not before then because it could freeze. :)

Here are the pictures from out back door. We have a great view where we live!!

Now on to family news. Benjamin is done playing Soccer. His team lost every game but at his age they do not count the score so technically I guess he didn't lose but had fun. He did have a lot of fun and was one of the scorers for the team. He says he will play next year because the goalie can use his hands next year to stop the goals. Not that he wants to be goalie but he wants to try he said.

Britni's last Soccer game was last night. They lost. Their record was 4-8-1 according to the newspaper. They had some exciting games where the other teams coach was red carded and kicked out of the game. Last nights game had 3 yellow cards from the other team. I'm glad she is on a team with a good coach and a team that just loves to play soccer!!

Jacob and Lynn's last game is on Saturday in Hood River. They their team was winning every game until one of the players was bragging. They have lost the last 2 games which is good for character Lynn says!! :)

That is the Soccer news. My Birthday was really great. My friend, Carollynn, took me to The Dalles in her sons Mustang and we went and did a little shopping and then she took me to lunch at Anzac Tea Room. They serve all sorts of tea and the little sandwiches and etc. We had a Jasmine dragon tea that is herbal. Very good. We had scones and Devonshire cream and ate in this cute little room that was very girlie!! As Carollynn says "Every girl big or small just loves to have a tea party!!" This tea party was way better than the tea parties I used to have as a little girl with the mud pies or the water and crackers with my dolls. :) We went to McDonald's for Dinner which is usually not my choice of places to go but I was so cold it didn't matter. However, the Chicken club sandwich I had was very good. Then Lynn got me a DQ Bizzard cake and we ate that when we got home!! And I had the best phone message from my brother, Danny!! He sang Happy Birthday to me like Elvis!! It was so funny!! I have the greatest family!!!

I better get going now. We have Young Women's tonight. Tonight we are having a police officer from our ward teach the girls about Self Defense and Awareness. He won't be doing any physical examples but just talking which might be boring to the girls but it's something they need to know especially now in this world we live in.

Last weeks Combined Activity with the Young Men. Britni was in charge and they had a Tater tot and French Fry challenge. They had to build things with Tater tots and French fries using toothpicks and scewers. I recommend no scewers. We had more injuries from scewers than anything else. Also Thaw out the French Fries and Tater tots before you do the activity. They were too hard frozen and the toothpick broke easily.

Have a great week!! Love ya all!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baptism Pictures and Funny Weekend

Well, Here are Benjamin's baptism pictures. And then a funny weekend. It started with Britni's Soccer game. It was a beautiful day and so I wore capri's and a t-shirt. Little did I know that you can still get a sunburn in October. :) So my legs are bright red stripes right now. Pretty funny looking.

However, the boys have learned today that watching General Conference and keeping the Sabbath Day Holy is pretty important. So outside they went and started to be boys digging around and playing. When Daniel dug up a hornets nest. I was in taking a nap when I hear Samuel yelling Mommy, Mommy!! And Daniel and Jacob screaming as they are running to the house with several hornets on their tail. As I get up to access the damage, a hornet lands on the top of my head and stings me!!! So the outcome of the hornets vs. my boys is : Daniel 1 sting; Jacob 4 stings; Samuel 2 stings; and me 1 sting. Everyone else came out with none!! Lesson Learned!!

Have a super day!! I hope everyone has a great week!!