Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31st - Where's the Lamb??

We had a snow storm at the beginning of the month of March so I was hoping for it to be nice weather today. I guess it's kind of nice. At least the 50 mile an hour wind is warm. :) O.k. I am exaggerating a little bit. It's too windy to walk the dogs though. I would rather walk/jog forward than be pushed backwards!! LOL

For those of you not on Facebook. Monday night my shoulder decided to give give me lots of pain. My clavicle is out of place or something like that. I went to my chiropractor thanks to Valerie's husband, David (who is a chiropractor). I wasn't sure what to do about it and he told me that the chiropractor could help me. It's going to be a slow process but it's slowly getting better.

Besides the pain of the shoulder, I am really bummed to not be able to exercise like I have been doing. I was finally losing weight. I have since gained the 4 pounds back. How come you can gain weight so fast but losing takes forever!!!! Oh Well!!

Today is Parent/Teacher Conferences. It will be interesting, I'm sure. Every time I say I have 5 parent/teacher conferences. I think "I really have that many children?" It's kind of weird to think about sometimes.

This week is Spirit Week at school. Today was crazy day. The boys were crazy!! Except for Daniel. His idea of craziness is spike his hair. That's it. The other boys not only spiked their hair but added purple spray to it also and then wore all their clothes backwards!! They are having fun!! That's what it is all about!!

I better get going. Lots to do. Mostly folding laundry!! Never ending!! Have a super day!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pretty Dogs and Fun Weekend!!

Our dogs were groomed today. I didn't think that Mandy could be so white. I just took Misty to Dog Town which is a place where I can wash her myself. She sure gets fluffy. Not as fluffy as Mandy though. :)

We had a pretty good weekend. Lynn, Daniel and Jacob went on a Boy Scout campout. Daniel said it was the best campout ever. Even though he fell and bruised his toe pretty good. But they climbed to the top of a very big hill at the park which was a great accomplishment.

Jacob was sick Saturday night after he got back though. I think it was just from the lack of sleep from the passed few nights. Samuel ended up coming home with an earache from Church on Sunday. He still has the earache but no fever which is good. He wanted to go to school today because it is Spirit week at school this week and today was Costume day.

I changed our Direct Tv to a lower package. The kids are not happy with me. But we have the essentials BYU TV and ESPN. We save about $30.00 a month. That's good since my cleaning jobs are getting fewer and far between anymore.

We are having great weather today. I hope it keeps up. I love spring weather. I had my first Hummingbird today but I didn't have any food out. So I quickly filled it up. I hope he returns. :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Boy Scout Campouts!!

Boy Scout Camp Out tonight at Deschutes Park. Lynn doesn't enjoy camping very much. Especially when rain is predicted for tonight and tomorrow. It's not even a real camp out in the woods. It's at a park!! He should get used to them though since he has 4 boys. Jacob needs to go to this camp out for his Arrow of Light so that means Lynn gets to go as well. Jacob is so excited. He hasn't slept well for 2 nights now. :) Daniel the professional Boy Scout Camper in our household is preparing everyone. :) So that means 2 boys and 1 husband gone tonight. Sooooo, I'm going on a girl night out with Diana Brokaw to dinner, movie and shopping and leaving Britni with the youngun's at home. I know I'm terrible!!! But it will be fun!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Great Weekend and Crazy Weather

Lynn and I had a great weekend in Portland. We did a temple session then initiatory and then we went to the Olive Garden for a Linner and then went shopping!! Oh Yea!! Then on Saturday we did Sealing Team at the temple which was really cool. Our sealer could speak many languages and a family joined our sealing team who spoke Portuguese. The Sealer did the Sealings all in Portuguese. It was so cool. The Sealer wasn't even suppose to be there that day but was called in to work. The Lord always knows what needs to be done!! It was a miracle for those people. Then we did more shopping and came home.

Between Daniel and Britni, the kids were taken care of and the house was even somewhat clean when we got home. While we were gone though, it snowed. We had rain in Portland. But the snow melted by the time we got home. Then our Welcome to Spring started with Snow and then rain and then wind and then sun. We just had it all.

Of course all the kids and my husband were very excited by the BYU Game on Saturday. Jimmer Mania is still alive here. :)

Now I need to do the budget after such a great weekend. I am so grateful for tax returns at this time of year. :) It keeps us in the black a little longer. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekend Fun!! Oh Yea!!!

Lynn and I are finally going on our Anniversary Weekend to Portland. It's almost a month late. I really thought that we wouldn't be going at all. It just seems that there is always something going on. So we will be going to the Temple a lot and shopping a lot and probably going to a movie!! We'll also be eating really good food!! Oh Yea!!! :) I'm just starting to lose weight again so I'm going to have to be careful to not gain it all back!! But I'm still excited for a get away!

Better go now. BYU won and the kids are begging for the computer. We really need to get a laptop one of these days. :) Have a great weekend all!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Girls Camp Psych Night

I have been meaning to write for a couple of days now. Saturday we had our Girls Camp Psych Night. This is a night where the Stake Camp Director puts together a bunch of stuff to help the girls get PSYCHED to go to camp. It is always fun and there is always good food. The YCL's do a skit to introduce the theme for Girls Camp. This year it is We Seek After These Things. I am going as the 4th years Unit Leader. Britni is so lucky!!! :) I only had 3 girls there however. We split up into our groups and play a get to know you game and then certify off a few things that won't be done at camp. I don't have a certification leader yet so I had to do the certifying. I felt like I was in Boy Scouts!!! :) I had to teach them what to do with a broken bone and how to transport someone. We also pick out what our group is going to be at camp. We are going to be Pirates seeking after Treasure which will be the scriptures. The girls thought of it. It will be fun. I can do pirates!! :)

Britni's school is having state testing for the next few days so she doesn't have to be to school until 11:30 a.m. She has to take the testing when she is in 10th grade. So next year.

The boys are being boys. The weather has been nice so there has been a lot of soccer and basketball playing outside which is nice. Not much else going on.

Have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jimmer Mania!!

That's right. Our household is in the throws of Jimmer Mania!!! We have listened to his songs and have found t-shirt decals but haven't bought them yet. We watch every BYU Basketball game. We watched the True Blue Special last night about Jimmer Fredette. I'm sure posters will be coming out soon and the boys will have to have one. I love his interviews though. He is so humble and shy about it all. He loves Basketball and he knows he's been blessed with this talent. Britni loves the fact that he keeps talking about getting married in the temple and having a family. :) Girls!!! :) So yes we have been JIMMERED!! What will we do when the Jimmer Mania ends? Listen to more "TEACH ME HOW TO JIMMER"!!! :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Piano and Book Fair

I'm trying to think what our family has been doing this passed few days. On Saturday Britni had a Syllabus piano recital. It's where she learns 2 pieces by heart and then knows another piece that she can use her music and also has to know certain scales and piano theory and also has to be able to sight read music. She said that her scales for some reason were not together like they should have been but the pieces were beautiful. She plays for one person who then evaluates how she did and gives her a certificate. She earned a Successful which is good her teacher said. Her teacher also said that it will help her know how to teach Britni better. Britni is still trying to get out of lessons and learn the hymns on her own but if she quits the lessons then Daniel will want to quit. Daniel has been trying to quit for a year now. Daniel is just getting good enough to play in Priesthood meeting every other week or so. He even will just go to the piano and play the hymns on his own which I love. There is no way we will let them quit when they are so close to the end.

The boys school had a Book Fair this week. I love the fact that they love books. I know that the money they spent there will help the school so I don't mind so much them using their own money for it. However, when Daniel tells me that he bought 3 pens that were 2.00 each. I just cringed!! And then he buys the 4th book of Diary of a Wimpy kid and reads it during recess and finishes it in one day!!!! Oh Well, I'm glad he loves reading so much. I just wish he knew how to budget his money so it will last longer!!!

I hope everyone has a super day. We have Red Breasted Robins in our yard today. Spring is coming I just know it!!! :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Daniel is 13 years old today

Time really does fly when you have lots of kids. :) Daniel is 13 years old today. Daniel has always been fun. He's always been active. I never realized how much energy sports takes out of kids until Daniel. He has no sports right now and is bouncing off the walls. Almost literally. He is silly yet serious. He loves to play "war" with his brothers. He loves the History and Military channel. He loves to play his Nintendo DSi and Wii and his computer games. He loves to play basketball and soccer. He loves to play board games too. However, the best thing that he loves to do which I can't really get on him about is READ. He loves to read. He stays in at recess and reads. Yes, they have a recess in middle school. That's how tiny Centerville School is. He secretly loves to play the piano. I know he does because his teacher asked me last week how often he is practicing and then said how happy she was with the improvement he made on all his songs this week with such a short practice time. He fulfills his Priesthood duties and also fills in when someone slacks. Daniel is a good boy and we are proud to have him as our son!! :) Have a Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What was I Thinking!!!!

Yesterday ended up being a snow day for all my kids. We got a lot of snow. I am grateful for the moisture but I would rather have rain. Anyway, one of Daniel's friends calls in the morning and asks to come over. Daniel doesn't get this friend to come over very often because they live so far away from each other. All was fine with 5 boys and 1 girl in the house. Then a "friend" of Samuel's calls. He lives close by. Samuel says he doesn't really like this friend but the friend wanted to come over anyway. And then his brother wanted to come over too. So that makes 7 boys in the house and 1 girl in the house. Well I guess you could say 2 girls because I was home all day too. They played outside for a bit. Daniel got an early birthday present New Snow boots. The boys feet just keep growing. I hope he will still fit in them next year. Then it was T.V., Computer and Wii the rest of the day. However, I only had the brothers here for 2 hours. So 2 hours of 7 boys then back to 5 boys. There was so much Testosterone in this house you could have fueled the whole BYU Basketball team 10 times over!!!! :) They all had a fun day!! I found Britni a book to read so she read her book all day and I hid and read my book most of the day and worked on scrapbooks. Good thing we don't have these days very often. Today everyone is at school!! Yea!!! Now to clean out closets for the Goodwill Good Turn Bags!! :) Have a super day!