Friday, April 29, 2011

Already Friday

I think this week just passed me by or something. The weather has gotten better at least for today. Jacob has started 4-H Dog Obedience classes with his little dog Misty (she's the black one). I may end up doing Mandy (the white one) again. She still remembers a lot and it would be fun. They have a dog show at the Fair in August.

I went walking with a couple of friends yesterday. It is fun to go with friends. I have gone by myself for so long that I have forgotten. I still go jogging early morning before that though for our dogs. However, my neighbor has let her chickens loose in her yard and I have been jogging with dogs that don't have leashes on. So it will be interesting if they ever get in contact with each other. So far, I have been able to keep them away from each other.

The weekend will be busy again. Britni and Daniel have a Pioneer Trek Winter Quarters activity Saturday afternoon and Lynn and I will be going to the temple in the morning so the kids will have to find a ride to the activity.

Not much else has been going on. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away but make all my Garden Grow!!

How come we can't have it both ways?? The rain helps the plants and garden grow yet it's not very fun to look outside and see it raining. However, it is better than snow and really hard wind. I did go jogging anyway this morning. I don't mind sprinkling rain and a little wind. Now the rain is harder so I'm glad that I went earlier this morning.

Friday and Saturday were beautiful. I worked outside on Friday. Weeding a flower garden and transplanting bushes. I even got a project done. I stained and painted a table in our living room. Now I'm waiting for another nice day to paint the book shelve that has my scrapbooks on them. :) Saturday Lynn and the boys worked outside doing the lawn and garden. We planted peas and carrots last week. We hope they survive. We never plant this early.

The Young Women are planning a Modest Fashion show. It was suppose to be this week but I guess the girls need more time so it is postponed for another few weeks. I hope they get everything together. This week will be a dress rehearsal of sorts. Britni and Lexy Knowlton are pretty much in charge of it. Good experience for the girls. Britni is learning the frustration of leadership and planning activities and not having them work out like you want them to.

I hope everyone has a super day. Praying for sunshine!! :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dating Divas

Have you ever heard of the Dating Divas? They have a great website with lots of fun dating ideas. I have entered one of their contests. They are having one that give away the book The proper care and feeding of your husbands. My friend Janie, loves this book by Dr. Laura. She says it's great for helping our marriages. What is funny is Janie is remarrying in about a month!! She is a widow and the man she is marrying is a widower. They are perfect for each other though. I'm sure she will be digging out this book again. You can go to the Dating Divas website to enter also.

Have a great day!! Spring is almost here!! I can see it now if I could just feel it. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Benjamin is a winner!!

Well, all my kids are winners. But Benjamin won a snowman contest that his orthodontist was having. They had the tallest snowman, the smallest snowman and the most creative snowman. We made the tallest snowman and the smallest snowman on Christmas Eve. The results are now in!!! Drum Roll Please!!!

Benjamin won the Tallest Snowman at around 7 1/2 feet and the smallest at about 2 1/2 inches. Yes, he won both categories. What did the sweet boy win??? $100 a piece. Yep that's right!! He won $200. Can you believe that??? What a lucky kid!! I usually never win anything.

However, the last time Marvelle had a contest I actually won something which was great and then her friend, Barbara had a contest on her blog and I won that one too. Maybe we are just getting luckier in our family.

With all this luck, maybe I should buy a lottery ticket??? Nah!!! those never work!! :)

Have a great day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm really not that busy!!

I thought that since my cleaning jobs have dwindled that my life would slow down. But it hasn't. Now that Spring is upon us, I have outside chores to do when the weather is good of course. I am a fair weather worker when it comes to outside duty!!

Last night Lynn and the boys planted peas and carrots. We are trying something new this year and planting these early to see how they do. My rhubarb is also growing and the strawberry plants are getting green leaves. Our fruit trees have buds on them. I think this is the latest they have budded in years. They usually have flowers by now. I hope for more fruit this year!! I have started digging in my flower garden but alas no money to buy flowers so my tulip bulbs will have to do for now. I actually have a few blooming.

Britni was voted for Student of the Month in Leadership. She got a certificate and her picture in the newspaper and an Oh Henry bar. We think the Oh Henry bar is because our Principals name is Mr. Henry. :) However, High School can be rough. She was made fun of yesterday for her beliefs again. Keep Standing Strong!!!

A couple of the boys have Birthday parties this week to go to. Daniel has a campout on Friday/Saturday. He is almost done with 2 more merit badges too!! Yea!!!

Not much else going on. I hope everyone has a Happy Spring Day!! :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


Yesterday was a Relief Society day. I went visiting teaching in the morning and then we had a Relief Society meeting last night. It was on organizing. I'm actually not as messy as I though I was. But there is always more room for improvement.

As far as the kids go, there is not much to tell. Daniel and Jacob will be doing a lot of fund raising this weekend. A PUD car wash tonight and then they are directing people to park their cars at the Home and Garden show tomorrow.

The Cub Scouts are doing a Bicycle rally at one of the churches in town tomorrow too. So Benjamin and Samuel will be going to that.

Britni and I will be going to a wedding reception tomorrow night for a good friend of mine's daughter, Tiffany. I'm helping serve.

It will be a busy weekend. But everyone should have fun. Sprinkling today a little. I get to go do the car parking today. The things we do for our kids. :)

Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slowing Down??? Never!!!

This week there is not much on our calendar. I'm not sure if it's because the kids are not in sports this spring or if it's because my cleaning jobs have slowly gone on the decline. I guess it's time to get into a new line of work. Something more stable. But after Samuel is in school full time.

The spring weather is wonderful. I have little flowers blooming and my tulips are coming up slowly. The trees are even starting to bud.

The kids are back in school this week. They are starting to get trunky!! It happens after every Spring Break. Spring Break gives them a chance to feel what Summer will be like and they crave for Summer the rest of the school year.

Summer here we come!! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lynn's Birthday

Today is my husbands Birthday!! We won't mention how old he is. He has been very busy today. He took the day off from work. The weather is so nice today that he is putting up the basketball hoop onto our garage. I bought him the basketball hoop the first Christmas we were living in this house. So it's been sitting in our garage for 10 years. The kids are finally big enough to enjoy the benefit of the hoop being on the garage.

Lynn is really the best man for me. I am so glad that I married him. He has so much patience and love. We balance each other!! Which is how it should be. :)

I have made him a New York Style Cheesecake for his Birthday cake!! We are BBQing with the Grandparents for dinner.

It's been the best Spring day as far as weather today. Very sunny and no wind!!! What a great day for a Birthday.

Yesterday he took the afternoon off and we went to the Bonneville Dam and toured it and watched the fish go up the ladder. Not too many fish this time of year. Then we drove to Multnomah Falls and climbed to the top. I made it about 3/4 of the way up. Everyone else made it all the way. How come I am the one that exercises every day but don't have the stamina to make it up to the top of a waterfall??? It was great exercise though and I met some nice people along my way. Daniel's comment to me was "Really, Mom, Do you have to talk to everyone?" I guess I take after Grandpa Morgan that way. We meet so many nice people. :)

It was a fun day. I hope everyone has a Super Spring Day!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break

Well, to start off Spring Break, I won 2 giveaways on friends blogs. One of them my Sis-in-laws blog had a giveaway for Easter Banner and I won!! Yea!! And then her friend Barb had a giveaway and I won on her giveaway too. Now I found a new giveaway. It was posted as a sidebar on Barb's Heartstrokes Blog. This is on Ginger Creme Hollow Blog. She is giving away a very cute Mama Bunny and Baby. She has some really cute things for sale too.

Now for Spring Break. Today we have had snow and rain and wind. Hopefully the sun will come out soon. The kids have a big project of spreading gravel in our driveway this week. It is keeping them busy. The pile is slowly going down. We are also helping some friends pack up and move. The boys are working on their yard. They have 3 dogs!!! We plan on going to Bonneville Dam and maybe Multnomah Falls for a day of Fun on Friday. Hopefully no snow on that day. :) We watched Redbox movies last night. We watched Tangled. It was cute but pretty much a girlie movie. Tonight we are watching Tron: The Legacy. I'm sure that one will have enough action for my boys. :)

We hope everyone is having a great Spring Break!! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Samuel is 6 years old today!!

My Samuel was quite the surprise but a very happy, good surprise. The Lord always knows what we need. I can testify of that. Samuel is a very sweet and happy boy most of the time. He is a bit spoiled and because he is the baby it shows more, I think. But he is very loveable. He loves to hug. He was told yesterday by a friends Mom that he has manners. I'm glad he learned them. I'm not sure what happened to my other boys manners but at least he has some!! He loves to read and play the wii with his brothers. He loves to play with his brothers in general no matter what they are doing. He says some of the funniest things. Like "Is it Fast Sunday or Slow Sunday?" He can be bossy like some of his siblings. But he has the cutest laugh. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father blessed our family with one more little boy named Samuel. Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Resolution checkup

My Sister, Marvelle, always does this and it's a good way to keep on track with my goals so here is the check up on my goals for the year.

1. Lose 20 pounds. I started to may headway. I lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. However, I hurt my shoulder and hasn't been able to exercise as much so I have since gained 3 of them back. So the roller-coaster continues. Today I'm back to exercising but no weights yet. Just jogging. It felt good!!

2.Scrapbook kids. I have finished all the kids scrapbooks by hand. I have started the digital scrapbooking world. IT is fun and easy. I just need to figure out how to get them printed cheaply.

3. Work on Lynn's Mission Scrapbook. I have thought a lot about it. But I haven't even pulled out the pictures yet. You do realize that he had over 400 slides and I have only gotten 200 of them printed out so I can scrapbook them. Who takes 400 slides on their mission??? :)

4. Read Ensign and Sunday School lesson. I have been pretty good at this. Some Sunday mornings I am reading the Sunday School lesson. And I read the Ensign on Sundays mostly too. But I have a month to read that!! :)

5. Writing on Blog more often. Oh Yea!! I have been doing that and I'm enjoying. Even though I still feel a little awkward with this. I'm hoping the more I do it the more comfortable I will be at it.

Very excited for General Conference. I can't wait to hear what the prophets have to say to us this time.

Also Samuel's 6th Birthday is Sunday. He's having a Soccer ball cake. He took cupcakes to school to share with his class today.

And Also Spring Break with Lynn's Birthday in the middle of it all!! Wow, Busy times!! Have a great day!! It's so beautiful here today. I hope everyone has a little bit of spring today!! Love to you all!! :)