Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Well, Britni had a soccer game last night in Highland. She was pretty bummed because she didn't play at all. Hopefully on Saturday she will be able to play. However, all the girls who had bad grades last year are eligible now to play so we will see. Their game on Saturday is in Royal.

Daniel is ASB Vice President. He is actually pretty excited about it. He gets to count candy and make the popcorn for the games at the school. :) No wonder he's so excited!! :)

All the other kids are plugging along with school and soccer and piano. I actually have a week with not much on it. But I am still busy around the house. So much to do, so little time.

Lynn hurt his back playing soccer with his team. He went to Chiropractor yesterday but that didn't help. He will probably have to go back again to get it fixed again.

Not much else as far as news. Have a super day and Don't forget Mom's/Grandma's Birthday on Friday!! :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

What a weekend!!

Saturday is the big day for Soccer around here. Jacob has a game at 8:30 a.m., Benjamin at 10:00 and Britni at 11:00. Luckily the fields are all connected together so I just had to walk a lot to get to them all. Jacob's team won their game. Jacob even scored one goal. Benjamin's team lost however, they actually scored 2 goals so that was exciting since they had yet to score in a game. :) Britni's game was the most exciting.

Britni got to start this game again. She was so excited. The coach told her he really wanted her to score. So she was really trying and almost made it twice before she got hit pretty hard and landed on her back/head. To me it looked like she was clothes lined but she said she wasn't. She laid there for a bit because she had the wind knocked out of her. When she stood up she said 2 little words you never want to say. "I'm a little dizzy." It only last a couple seconds and her head hurt but that was all. Well, the assistant coach told her that she couldn't play the rest of the game. And she had to get cleared by a Dr. before she could even play in practice. She was really mad. Not only that the game went into double overtime and sudden death and she couldn't play in it!!! Her team ended up losing by 1 point. One girl from our team landed on her neck and had to be taken away by ambulance. She had hyper extended her neck. The funny thing is that this team really wasn't that rough of a team compared to the last team.

I really enjoyed going to the R.S. Broadcast on Saturday night. Our R.S. did a dinner and then we watched the broadcast and had dessert afterwards. At first I didn't think that I would get anything out of the talks but President Utchdorf's talk was perfect. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I am trying to find out what I'm suppose to be doing with my life right now. He made some excellent points with his forget me knots. I wouldn't be surprised if another book comes a long from him. :)

Sunday was Fast Sunday and it was a good meeting. This morning I picked up Britni from Seminary to get her to the Family Practice Clinic for their Open Access. So she could cleared for Soccer. We were the first ones there and the first ones out. When we went in the place was empty but when we left it was crowded. She even made it to school on time. :)

I best get to cleaning my house now. That and laundry and dishes never end in motherhood!! :) Have a great day. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011


Today Lynn took the day off and we took Mom and Dad to the temple. Mom did initatories while the rest of us did endowments. It was a beautiful day. The temple was great. We even did an amazingly quick shopping trip to Winco. That doesn't happen very often. :)

I am on my 3rd and last day of the no carb detoxing. I'm glad it is almost over. However, I am very afraid of eating any carbs now!! I am going to try to just eat healthy and see how it goes. It was very hard to do but I am so glad that I did. I woke up this morning not bloated. I have fought a slight headache all day but as long as I eat some protein when I feel it coming helps a lot. I am feeling much better on the inside and that is what counts.

Today's thought: Going to the temple makes you happy!! - Me!! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today's thought

I have been on the no/low carb diet for 1 whole day now. I feel pretty good just tired and a little weak. I wasn't sure last night if I was going to make it to today because I got a migraine last night. The headache came on pretty quick and just as quick turned into a migraine. Hence, I went to bed early. I will go walking with my friends this morning but that is all for exercise. I have to clean my house though because my V.T. are coming this afternoon. Britni has another game. She is afraid she won't be playing in this one though because this team is suppose to be better than the one we played on Tuesday. I hope she get some time. She only needs 9 more games in order to letter for Soccer.

Thought for the day is a scripture "Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many; but endure them, for, lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of thy days." D&C 24:8.

It's nice to know that the Lord is with us no matter what we are going through. Even if it is carb deprivation!!! :) Love to you all!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thought of the day and more!

Britni's team lost their soccer game last night. She was in a bad mood. I like all my family to be happy but that was not the case last night!! We have more peaches from our tree. They are starting to fall off so we picked them all last night. We dried some more. We will probably just dry the rest of them. The kids and my hubby love dried peaches.

I am doing a 3 day no carb detox. I hope I can make it. I'm doing it with my friends. I figure with friends doing it with me, I may actually stick to it. I can eat all the meat, cheese, veggies and eggs I want. Yea. Cheese!! :)

Thought of the day "BE THE CHANGE!!"

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thought of the Day

"Part of making that choice, of deciding to change, is learning how to surrender. I don't mean surrender as in giving up. I mean surrendering the negative emotions that hold so many of us back." - Bill Phillips "Body for Life"

I'm not doing all the body building stuff that he does but he makes some good points in his book.

Have a great day!!!


Monday, September 19, 2011

A Little Something

Just a quick rundown. I need to go walking with my friend Diana here soon. This Saturday my Dad, Britni and I make a quick trip to Spokane for Brakston and Whitneys open house. We were able to see family that we hadn't seen in a long time. It was great to be with them even if it was for only a few hours. then Sunday we came back home. Like I said quick trip.

As far as Soccer game results from Saturday. Ben's team lost both matches but that's o.k. they were missing some key players so next week will be better. Jacob's team lost but that wasn't a surprise. We really had wanted him on the other team in the first place because the coach is a better coach. He had fun though. Britni was the winner though. They won their game 4-1 and Britni even started on Varsity. Yea!! Now if we can just get her pulled quad taken care of!! Daniel Refereed 2 games on Saturday. He really enjoyed it.

Thought of the day. I think I might start doing thoughts of the day. That may be all I post but it's still a post.

"If you stop setting goals for your future, if you start living in the moment again, That's when those bad habits will push their way back into your life!!" By the maker of Body for Life.

A friend of mine let me borrow Body for Life book. It's pretty good so far. Lots of good points. Have a super day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Eye Doctor

Well, actually he's an optometrist but you get the point. Last night Daniel, Jacob and Benjamin had an eye Dr. appointment. We have been told in the past that Daniel and Jacob really need checked. Especially when they did the eye test on their physicals in June. Lynn just wanted Benjamin to get checked since he doesn't read very good by skipping words and reading the wrong words at times. The results are in Daniel does have a slight problem but not big enough to have full time glasses. However, the Dr. noticed when he reads that he squints a lot. So we are going to do loaner reading glasses for a week and see. They will be really ugly so Daniel doesn't want them. I told him he can just use them at home and we will see if it helps his reading. Jacob has a less slight problem but not enough for glasses but does need to be checked again next year. Benjamin has perfect vision. I told Lynn that Benjamin is just in his own world and isn't paying attention to what he is reading but Lynn doesn't believe me. He thinks that Benjamin just doesn't read very well. Little does he know that I relate better with Benjamin as I used to do the same thing. :)

What I thought was interesting yet gross at the same time is that now they can take pictures of your eyeball from the inside out. So all the boys come out of the room with these gross pictures of their eyeballs. But they were kind of cool too.

The Dr. gave our boys a great compliment though. He said that I have really good boys who will be leaders someday. Isn't that great.

One of peach trees has lost a limb. This is our first year to really get peaches from our 2 peach trees. I went outside yesterday and noticed that one of the branches had broken off because of all the weight of the peaches. What is scary is that we thinned out the peaches this summer so their would not be as many on branches. So we started pulling the peaches off of the branches yesterday. Not only for the branches sake but also because the wasps were eating anything that was even remotely ripe. I now have a lot more peaches. I ate one of the ripe ones yesterday though and realized that I'm going to have to be careful because of worms. Yuck!! I cut off the worms and ate it anyway. I have come a long way from the city girl who couldn't handle bugs and bees to the country girl who just cuts off the bugs and ignores the bees. I think I'm growing up finally at 38 (almost) years old. :) Have a super day. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Know I know!!! It's been too long.

Well, I could say that I have been so totally busy that I haven't had time to post. But in fact, I just don't know what to post about. Last week a forest fire started about 7 miles outside of town. It took lots of homes and many people were evacuated. Some of our own members. The community really stepped up and have supported really well. However, it made the air quality really bad for a few days. I couldn't exercise outside for a couple of days. There was ash in the air and smoke. It smelled like a campfire outside so we had to keep out windows closed all the time. The fires is over 50% contained now. Yea!! And we can open our windows again. The smoke is not as bad anymore. It was a pretty scary time for our community. It was also a wake up call for us, I think. When we live in a small little town in the northwest the most you think could happen is maybe an earthquake? or a volcano blowing? We rarely think of forest fires. We even had the Governor of Washington come and talk to the victims in the early stages of the fire. So that is the big news I guess. They cancelled all Soccer games and practices and told everyone to stay indoors. So Britni's first game is today in Hood River. She is hoping to play some. It's our Varsity against their JV. Doesn't sound very fair but it's not a league match just an extra one that the athletic director came up with.

Not much else going on. Grandma and Grandpa love their 50th Wedding present with is the glider. Lynn and Grandpa put it together on Saturday. They look very cute in it. I hope everyone has a super day.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's a dreary day in the valley of Whooville!

I woke up to very dreary very smokey outside. We have a wildfire out of control just outside of town on Satus Pass. Many friends have been evacuated from their homes. I feel for all these people. It is a scary time. I'm definitely praying for them and for the fire fighters so they can get it out soon. Over 100 homes have been evacuated and over 2,000 acres burned so far. What a year for fires. We had one a few weeks ago on our side of town and watching the flames come down the hill is a little scary. I'm glad they got that one out quickly. There is actually ash in the air today. While my friends and I were walking we had little white things coming down here and there. They are advising if you have respitory conditions to stay inside.

Britni's first Soccer game is today. She is bummed because she is not starting or on Varsity. She may still get to play as a sub. I think what bums her out the most is the fact she has worked so hard these passed few weeks. She comes home every night with some muscle pulled or aches and pains from her working so hard. I hope she keeps trying. She still enjoys playing which is good.

I best get to work. My family thinks that now that everyone is at school that I just sit around and take naps and eat Bon Bons. Little do they know. Have a super day.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School and Soccer

So we have survived 3 days and school and a long weekend. I'm actually glad for the 3 day weekend. The kids were just so exhausted from adjusting to the new school year. So the long weekend was much appreciated. The kids for the most part have enjoyed the first few days. Samuel is having the hardest time. The first day of school went like this. "How was school Sam?" "I hate it." "Why do you hate school?" "Because I am so hungry all day long!!" (He took a lunch the next day and that worked great.) Then the next day "I don't like school!" "Why don't you like school?" "I'm sick of Conner." "What's wrong with Conner." "I just don't like him." (What can you do about that?) The saga continues... This Morning "I don't want to go to school." "Why?" "It's just too long!!" "Don't you remember how bored you were last year when you got home before the other boys?" "No!" "Well, you were always asking when are the boys coming home?" And I would answer "In 2 hours...etc." I hope he adjusts soon. I don't know how much more I can take of this "I HATEitis!"

Britni started early morning Seminary this morning. It is earlier this year because the Primary School has changed their hours and the Seminary teacher is a substitute at the Primary School. So Seminary starts at 6:30 a.m. Britni gets up at 5 a.m. and practices piano and gets a shower and eats breakfast then goes to Seminary. After that, her cousin, Devin takes her to Uncle David's work to hang out for an hour until school starts. Don't know what will happen when she starts driving in January.
She is doing well with Soccer. She is really trying to get on Varsity. Her first game is on Thursday so we should know by then.

Daniel brought home a huge school project already. Doing a big map of the State of Washington using cardboard for the base and then clay stuff for the mountains. They will paint it on Thursday. Daniel is actually working on getting projects done a little early. He is trying for Straight A's this year. I know he can do it. So does his teacher.

The weekend was pretty quiet. Except for the BYU Football and Women's Soccer games!! Go BYU!! Have a great week.