Friday, January 7, 2011

Oops! Try Again!!

Disregard the last post. My mouse decided to die on me just as I was posting. Go figure!!

I did miss a couple days of blogging so I will update everyone. Britni had a great Birthday on Tuesday. The Cheesecake turned out really yummy and I have only had one bite of it. So Yea for me!!

Wednesday Benjamin had an orthodonist appointment in The Dalles. He had to get a "w" and some spaces back in September. He may get to get his "w" off in about 3 months. Yea. Then a very quick shopping trip to Fred Meyer and Safeway. Then hurry home for Benjamin to make it for his Piano Lesson. Which he did. Then Young Women's later that night. We have several women in our ward who make jewelry. So one of them came and helped the Young Women make memory bracelets. I made one too. They are very cute and easy to make.

Thursday was actually a pretty good day until after school. Then all the fun began. Pick up Jacob from school and take him to Weblos. Then make and eat dinner at 4:15 so I could go pick up Jacob from Scouts and take him and Daniel back to the school for a Basketball game. Lynn picked up Britni from practice and then took Benjamin to scouts and after scouts came out to the Basketball game too. They lost the game but that's o.k. they have fun playing.

Jacob decided to get the flu during the night. So he is home today sick. I went to clean a house and came back home. Now I am working on my Young Women's lesson for Sunday.

That's our week in a nutshell. Britni is in Granger tonight for a Basketball game. So a quiet night with the boys. Have a great weekend everyone. Love to you all.

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