Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Bishop Bischoff

Yesterday my brother-in-law, David, was called as Bishop of the Goldendale Ward. Lynn is so happy to say Bishop Bischoff and it's not him!! We were all surprised but really happy for him and his family. They will be blessed greatly for this service.

It looks like we will not be having a Morgan Family Reunion this summer. Everyone is so busy. I am looking at our Summer schedule and it is crazy!! Britni still needs to figure out which EFY to go to. She wants to go to one of the BYU College ones so there is more LDS people around. It is such a different feeling being at an LDS school rather than one that is not LDS. Last year she went to Forest Grove to the College there and there was a wrestling camp going on and cussing and other things that were not good. We figure we will just plan our vacation around her EFY. She got a scholar ship so it won't be as expensive. We are very grateful for that.

Well, it will be a quiet night tonight. Daniel and Jacob will be playing Basketball in Troutlake. Jacob was sick with the flu all weekend so I hope he has enough energy to play well.

Well, not much else going on today. Tomorrow I have a Dr.'s appointment. Just a check up. I haven't had one in 5 years so I figure it's about time. I'm trying to find a family Dr. that can just take care of everything. My last one moved after I had Samuel. He was really good too. So I hope Dr. Richardson will be just as good.

I hope everyone has a very good day. I love ya all. :)

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