Thursday, January 27, 2011


I haven't written for most of the week because there is not much to write. The boys won their last game in Klickitat on Monday. We all went to the game. It is a very winding road that we have to drive to get to Klickitat. It reminds me of Dooley Mountain by Baker. Benjamin got car sick on the way there and the lid was still on the throw up bucket when it all came out. YUCK!!! Luckily Jacob and Benjamin are about the same size in clothes. So we had to go get Jacobs pants from him when we got there and Jacob had to wear his uniform home. Luckily no sickness on the way home!!!

Britni played her best basketball game ever on Tuesday night at home against Granger. Granger beat them last time by 7 points. We beat them by 10 or something like that. Britni had 15 points, 5 steals and 2 assists. She has really improved this season. Despite the coach who doesn't know how to coach. "What should we do now girls??" Is her favorite question. Britni has 2 more games left and then end of season for her.

Britni signed up for EFY in Rexburg Idaho for July 25-30th. She is very excited. We got a scholarship this year so that helps alot with the cost.

Tonight is the big Pinewood Derby here. Jacob and Benjamin both have a car. It won't be much of a derby though because we have so few boys in cub scouts right now.

Daniel had a court of honor last night and he got his 2nd Class badge and boy scout badge and 3 merit badges. He is working on 3 more merit badges. It's like pulling teeth to get him to work on it.

Jacob almost has his Weblos badge then he can work on his arrow of light.

That's it as far as kids go. Benjamin and Samuel are having fun at school and playing their computer and wii games.

Lynn was very excited over the BYU win last night against San Diego State. He loves his BYU Basketball and Football.

I am cleaning houses here and there and have started to try to get all the scrapbooks caught up. I am on Britni's still. She sure takes a lot of pictures. I'm glad that I am going digital as soon as I am caught up. The scrapbook pages aren't as cute as I would like them to be because I am in such a hurry to finish them all up.

I hope everyone has Sun Shine today like we do. I love these sunny days!!

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