Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I hope everyone had a very Happy New Year. So far so good as far as our family is concerned. Everyone is back in school today. Aww the peace and quiet. It only last for a few hours. I have thought on New Years Resolutions. I actually found an article about how to make a resolution stick. Here the things the article recommended:

1. Write it down. (check)
2. Manage expectations (If you break it in the first week it's o.k. but keep trying).
3. Get a buddy to do it with you. (check, I think)
4. Revisit it (My sis-in-law Marvelle is very good at this)
5. Be Smart (Be specific, measurable and attainable goals)
6. Don't remove, add (Replace bad habits with good ones)
7. Make it public (what I am doing now)
8. Stick to a schedule (Plan for the goals in your calendar)
9. Create a vision board (Cut out images and phrases from magazines or whatever and grab some photos and place them on a poster and keep it in plain view)(I'm going to try this one)
10. Celebrate!! The joy of the resolutions is the journey!! Accept that this is an ongoing process and celebrate your experiences.

So after reviewing all of this. I will write a few of my personal goals. We make our family goals for the year at FHE tonight.

My Personal:
1.Lose 20 pounds (Yes I have gained that much since you last saw me)
2.Finish scrapbooking kids scrapbooks by hand so I can go digital!!
3.Scrapbook Lynn's Mission pictures
4.Read the Sunday School Lesson each week and the Ensign every month. (I've gotten a little lax in this area)
5. Write on my blog at least 3 times a week Maybe more if I get into the habit.

I figure 5 is a good start. A few of these are very attainable. The losing 20 pounds will be a challenge but I have already started and have lost a few pounds already. I have started with the Sunday School lesson and Ensign reading too. So I am doing pretty good. I think.

So what resolutions do you have this year?

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  1. looking forward to reading your blog more often! good luck with the goals!