Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moving on up!!

Well, today I was called to be the 1st Counselor in Young Women's. I have been the 2nd Counselor for 2 years. So I guess you could say I am moving on up. I will be Britni's leader so that will be fun. However, we have so few young women that actually come that we always meet together for our lessons and activities. I wish we could meet separately sometimes. I think we might get more young women out that way. But maybe not. You never know. It's hard when the parents don't support the program and are inactive themselves.

Poor Grandma had an experience on Friday. Samuel got sick at school and Grandpa, Lynn and I were at the temple in Portland. She doesn't drive. So Samuel had to stay at school for another hour until his school was done then come home on the bus. She tried to call my sis-in-law Carmine to pick him up but she wasn't home. Then she didn't know how much medicine to give him for his fever. Good thing we have cell phones. I will have to leave her a list next time of people she can try for picking up sick kids at school. I'm just grateful that she was here to watch Samuel and take care of things while we go to the Temple. She does a great job. She even does my laundry!! I know you are all jealous now!! :)

Love ya all!!!

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