Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

Today is the boys last Basketball game of the season in Klickitat. I am not excited or anything!!! I love watching them play and to see how much they grow and learn from playing but I will tell you that I am tired from all the running around from practices and games and ect.

Now for the funniest thing. Lynn ran out of books to read and the BYU Basketball game hadn't started yet on Saturday. We had a beautiful day much like today. I love this weather. When I hear of all my family that still have snow, I thank my Heavenly Father that I live here!! Sorry guys with the snow!! :)Anyway, back to my story. Lynn always says he hates our dogs. They bark (not very often at night) but still, they get their chains caught in the middle of the night and we have to go out and undo them from their chains to get sleep, they don't even get all the gophers or mice that are running around here. He always says it would be cheaper to just shoot them!! Now you get the picture of how he supposedly feels about these dogs. :) I caught him playing fetch with them on Saturday. I had to take blackmail pictures just to prove to everyone that my husband does like the dogs. :) Here are the pictures.

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