Saturday, December 31, 2011

She Passed!!

Britni passed her drive test on Thursday with a 92 percent. I am excited yet a little sad. My baby girl turns 16 on Wednesday. She can start dating, driving and working which is exciting yet a little sad. I am sad about the fact that I wish I would have done more to enjoy having a baby girl. I wish I would have put her in gymnastics, and learned how to fix her hair super cute and have her take dance lessons and play games with her more. As my Mom always says "If Wishes were Fishes we would all have a Fry" I never understood that saying until I grew up and realized how many wishes I have.

Yet I am excited because, we won't have to drive her to practice. She can drive her brothers to activities. She is going to hopefully get a job and earn some money so we won't have to dole out so much. ;)

Britni is a great daughter. I couldn't have asked for a better daughter/friend. Hopefully she will forgive me someday for writing about her on my blog too. :)

P.S. Her Basketball team won both games they played this week. Yup they still have practice and games during Christmas break. No rest for the weary!!

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