Sunday, December 11, 2011

Goal Review

I haven't done a goal review in a while. Mainly because there is nothing really to review.

1. Lose weight. Well, I have gone up and down and up again. The Roller Coaster continues. However, I have added a tracker on my blog from It's a free site a lot like Weight Watcher e-tools. You can track your food and your exercise and set goals and join groups. I thought maybe if I added this to my blog that it will help motivate me more. The winter and exercise is not going well. We have freezing temps right now. I know no excuse. At least it's not snow just thick frost.

2. Read Ensign and Sunday School lesson. I have done this pretty well. I may have missed one or two Sunday School but that is still pretty good for me.

3. Scrapbook Lynn's mission. I haven't worked on this lately but I finally bought an album to put the pages I have done already in.

4. Kids Scrapbooks. I have been doing digitally. I really like using Smilebox. You can get them printed but with how many children I have. I can't afford it. So I will need to put them on disks and add to their books.

5. Write Blog. I haven't done very well the past couple months but I will try to do better.

Now that Nativity is over and Stake Conference. I may be able to breathe again. Or Not!

We had Elder Brinkerhoff from the Seventy at our Stake Conference. He is really nice and a great speaker. He teaches and entertains and spiritual. We also had Elder and Sister Greer, the Mission President and his wife. Really nice people. They say they have 200 more children that they care for in the mission field. With Lynn's calling we get to eat dinner in between the priesthood and adult session last night. It's great to hear their stories and get to know them better.

Time to move forward and start thinking of goals for 2012. I hope to do better. Maybe I'll actually lose the weight this year. I always have good intentions. Enjoy your Sundays!! Love to you all!! :)

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