Friday, December 2, 2011

Goldendale Ward Nativity Exhibit 2011

Yes, this is what I have been doing for the past week. O.k. I actually started working on it a month ago but this week was the stressful week of putting it all together. I am so grateful for my team that I was inspired to have. Carollynn did a great job with the decorating, Diana was great at getting all the nativities placed,
Carmine went over the top with the lighting, Suzie and Diana B. were great with the foyer and chapel, Pauline did great with the food and of course, Mom, for ironing all of the tablecloths and skirting for the tables,I could go on and on.

The event began tonight with music from people in the community and also people in the ward. I am amazed at all the talent in our area. We invited the High School Choir and band to play. I think that is the most non-LDS people we have ever had in our building!!

I will post pictures but it just doesn't do justice to the experience of being there. I have realized though that if this is what a job is like maybe I don't want one yet. I really did not like being away from home so much. I knew nothing of what my kids were doing in school or with Basketball either.

In other news, Britni passed her written driving test yesterday!! She is almost a full fledged driver. YEA!! I was wishing last night that she was already driving so I wouldn't of had to take Benjamin to Scouts!! :) Our Driver's License place is only open 1 day a week and for limited hours right now. So it is very hard to get any Drivers License stuff done. We will be setting up her appointment for the drive test next week because they can only schedule 2 weeks ahead of schedule. She still doesn't get her license until she turns 16 though. She just gets to take her tests early which is really nice of them.

I best be going. Samuel is about done doing dishes and I need to go load for him. I send my love to all of my family and friends this time of year. I miss you and think of you often. Happy Holidays!!

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