Wednesday, December 14, 2011

School Program Volunteer??

I had a great start to my week when I went to a "Lunch Bunch" luncheon and my good friend Teri appeared. I had heard that she might be there but it was so good to see her and chat with her. I have missed her so. I always seem to lose touch with my friends when they move. It's a sad thing. I need to do better. I know.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day at Centerville School. I was asked to help make snowflake costumes for the little kids (Samuel and Benjamin's) Christmas program. I'm thinking, oh this will only take a few hours. Ha!! Joke on me. They had an elaborate design that they wanted. I will post a picture later. Lots of cutting, folding, taping and stapling. All day. Me and Jennifer made 50 snowflakes. Yes, it took all day. I even ate lunch at school. On the way home I told the boys, I now know why they are starving when they get home from school. I was dying!! I suppose that is the portion amount I should eat everyday then maybe I would lose some weight!! :)

Anyway, they asked if I could come in today also to help paint the scenery and do other stuff. Another day at the school. Lunch is Chicken Soft Tacos. The boys say they are good. We will see!! :)

My to do list for the week has been postponed a few days because of all the volunteering. I don't mind though. I enjoy working with the other women at the school. And Volunteering feels good. It helps me remember the True Meaning of Christmas is helping others with love. :)

Have a super day!! :) P.S. Today is my Dad's Birthday to all the relatives out there!! :) Happy Birthday Dad!!! Love you!!!

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