Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Ever After

We had a great Christmas. I think we prolonged the present opening as long as we could!! We are so mean to our children. We let them open their stockings in the morning and then we got ready for church and went to Sacrament Meeting. Then we came home and ate lunch. Then we could no long contain them and we opened our gifts. It was fun. I think everyone was a little surprised by what they got. Britni was pleasantly surprised by a Special Gift from her Aunt Megan!! A pair of Toms shoes. However, they ended up being too small and will have to be exchanged but she is still super excited!! Daniel received much needed clothes as he keeps growing and won't stop!! How dare he!! :) hehe!!! :) Jacob received a surprise of an Remote Control Car. We had a no electronic Christmas policy this year. To me Remote Control is not electronic. But everyone has a different take on that theory. Lynn especially. :) Benjamin got a fish Aquarium!! We have it set up and will go get our fish tomorrow. He's pretty excited. His brother got his a PaperJamz guitar which the family is having fun playing with too. Samuel got Bey Blade toys. That is what he asked for. His brother got him slippers which he asked for also. :) So he was happy. Lot's of board games and BYU Shirts for Everyone made our Christmas.

The funnest of all was SHOCKING my husband. Yep, that's right. He always knows what I get him. But this time he didn't. He couldn't even guess. I got him (drum roll please), another pair of camo BDU's. He always tell me how comfortable they are and his other ones were worn out. They are a tad big on him though. I hope they shrink as I can't send them back due to my early shopping habits.

My Present was the best. My new tile in my bathroom. It looks amazing!! I love it!!If you can't tell.

Now the ever after of it all. Yesterday, Lynn and the kids got together with some friends and played Basketball. Then we relaxed the rest of the day and the kids played with their toys and games all day.

Now today Lynn's back at work, Britni had Basketball practice and the boys played with their toys and games.

Hope everyone had as blessed Christmas as we did. Love to you all.

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