Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's a dreary day in the valley of Whooville!

I woke up to very dreary very smokey outside. We have a wildfire out of control just outside of town on Satus Pass. Many friends have been evacuated from their homes. I feel for all these people. It is a scary time. I'm definitely praying for them and for the fire fighters so they can get it out soon. Over 100 homes have been evacuated and over 2,000 acres burned so far. What a year for fires. We had one a few weeks ago on our side of town and watching the flames come down the hill is a little scary. I'm glad they got that one out quickly. There is actually ash in the air today. While my friends and I were walking we had little white things coming down here and there. They are advising if you have respitory conditions to stay inside.

Britni's first Soccer game is today. She is bummed because she is not starting or on Varsity. She may still get to play as a sub. I think what bums her out the most is the fact she has worked so hard these passed few weeks. She comes home every night with some muscle pulled or aches and pains from her working so hard. I hope she keeps trying. She still enjoys playing which is good.

I best get to work. My family thinks that now that everyone is at school that I just sit around and take naps and eat Bon Bons. Little do they know. Have a super day.

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