Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Know I know!!! It's been too long.

Well, I could say that I have been so totally busy that I haven't had time to post. But in fact, I just don't know what to post about. Last week a forest fire started about 7 miles outside of town. It took lots of homes and many people were evacuated. Some of our own members. The community really stepped up and have supported really well. However, it made the air quality really bad for a few days. I couldn't exercise outside for a couple of days. There was ash in the air and smoke. It smelled like a campfire outside so we had to keep out windows closed all the time. The fires is over 50% contained now. Yea!! And we can open our windows again. The smoke is not as bad anymore. It was a pretty scary time for our community. It was also a wake up call for us, I think. When we live in a small little town in the northwest the most you think could happen is maybe an earthquake? or a volcano blowing? We rarely think of forest fires. We even had the Governor of Washington come and talk to the victims in the early stages of the fire. So that is the big news I guess. They cancelled all Soccer games and practices and told everyone to stay indoors. So Britni's first game is today in Hood River. She is hoping to play some. It's our Varsity against their JV. Doesn't sound very fair but it's not a league match just an extra one that the athletic director came up with.

Not much else going on. Grandma and Grandpa love their 50th Wedding present with is the glider. Lynn and Grandpa put it together on Saturday. They look very cute in it. I hope everyone has a super day.

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