Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Eye Doctor

Well, actually he's an optometrist but you get the point. Last night Daniel, Jacob and Benjamin had an eye Dr. appointment. We have been told in the past that Daniel and Jacob really need checked. Especially when they did the eye test on their physicals in June. Lynn just wanted Benjamin to get checked since he doesn't read very good by skipping words and reading the wrong words at times. The results are in Daniel does have a slight problem but not big enough to have full time glasses. However, the Dr. noticed when he reads that he squints a lot. So we are going to do loaner reading glasses for a week and see. They will be really ugly so Daniel doesn't want them. I told him he can just use them at home and we will see if it helps his reading. Jacob has a less slight problem but not enough for glasses but does need to be checked again next year. Benjamin has perfect vision. I told Lynn that Benjamin is just in his own world and isn't paying attention to what he is reading but Lynn doesn't believe me. He thinks that Benjamin just doesn't read very well. Little does he know that I relate better with Benjamin as I used to do the same thing. :)

What I thought was interesting yet gross at the same time is that now they can take pictures of your eyeball from the inside out. So all the boys come out of the room with these gross pictures of their eyeballs. But they were kind of cool too.

The Dr. gave our boys a great compliment though. He said that I have really good boys who will be leaders someday. Isn't that great.

One of peach trees has lost a limb. This is our first year to really get peaches from our 2 peach trees. I went outside yesterday and noticed that one of the branches had broken off because of all the weight of the peaches. What is scary is that we thinned out the peaches this summer so their would not be as many on branches. So we started pulling the peaches off of the branches yesterday. Not only for the branches sake but also because the wasps were eating anything that was even remotely ripe. I now have a lot more peaches. I ate one of the ripe ones yesterday though and realized that I'm going to have to be careful because of worms. Yuck!! I cut off the worms and ate it anyway. I have come a long way from the city girl who couldn't handle bugs and bees to the country girl who just cuts off the bugs and ignores the bees. I think I'm growing up finally at 38 (almost) years old. :) Have a super day. :)

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