Monday, June 27, 2011

Shame on Me Again!!

Only one blog last week. Oops!! Britni loved Basketball Camp. Even when she got pushed into the bleachers and hurt her tailbone and even when she got elbowed in the nose. She still had a blast. I guess she does really like basketball after all!! :)

Benjamin loved Day/night camp. He is so social. He loved even singing the Star Spangled Banner for their skit.

Daniel left at 3 a.m. this morning for Boy Scout Camp at Camp Merriwether on the coast. He will have a blast. He was pretty nervous and we as his parents were pretty nervous for him but he will do fine. He is learning that He Can Do Hard Things with the Lords help!! :)

Lynn about killed himself on Saturday as he did a lot of yard work and trimmed our trees. Climbing ladders and cutting big branches were a little scary but other than that the yard looks great!! Jacob helped Dad the most with the yard work as usual. :) Our little worker!!

Samuel is as happy go lucky as ever for the most part. He is trying to throw tantrums to get attention but it's not working.

I think that covers just about everyone. Oh I guess I should say I have a new calling. I am the Relief Society Secretary. I wasn't expecting that one. So it was quite a shock. But it should be fun. I was the Relief Society Secretary when we first moved to Goldendale 14 years ago. So it's not that new to me however, I really don't remember that far back.

Have a great week. I will write again on Wednesday. Maybe if I actually say I will then I will do it. :) Love ya all!! :)

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