Thursday, June 2, 2011

I remember now!!

I am feeling so much better now. I have a slight headache this morning. I'm not sure if it's from the dialating of my eyes yesterday at the eye dr. or if it's allergies. I'm thinking allergies/summer cold coming on. Bummer!!

Anyway, I can think and I have some energy. Yea!! I am happy!!

I remember what I was going to write yesterday. I was going to do a check list of my goals for the year.

#1 Lose Weight. I am going to reword this one because I am reading a book right now that is telling me why I am not losing weight with my thyroid meds and etc. So How about Eat Healthy and Exercise. ----Doing fairly well. I am eating at least one fruit or veggie with each meal a day. That is my real goal right now. Doing really well with the exercise. I need to step up my game with resistance bands here pretty soon. My shoulder is healing nicely from my injury a few months ago.

#2 Scrapbooks are all caught up. I just need to be able to afford to print off the kids digital pages as I get them done.

#3 Lynn's Mission Scrapbook. I have begun!!! I have the pictures out and I am working on pages. I have about 75 of the 200 pictures done. That's just what I have printed. I still need to get the rest printed from slides!! Why were slides so popular back in the day for Missions???

#4 Read Sunday School lesson and Ensign to the fullest. I am good on this one. I think I might have missed one Sunday School lesson but that's still pretty good.

#5 Write on my blog more. Well, I have chastised myself a lot on this one already. I am really trying though.

Yucky windy day today. But I'm still going walking with my girlfriends!! The more exercise the better. :) Have a great day!! :)

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