Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Britni and Benjamin

Benjamin has Twilight Cub Scout Camp this week. Yesterday was his first day. He had a great time. I think. He shot his first BB gun. And had fun playing games and making things. He didn't get home until 10:20 or so at night. So he slept in a bit this morning. But he is so excited to go again today.

Britni has an Amazing opportunity this week. This week is the Gonzaga Basketball camp. We can't afford to pay for camps so she wasn't planning on going. However, yesterday afternoon we got a phone call from the Varsity coach saying that a couple of girls had to cancel at the last minute and wanted someone else to take their place. Their money was non refundable so he offered the spot to Britni. So she left this morning for the Gonzaga Basketball camp. She was pretty nervous but I think excited at the same time. She will have a great time and learn so much. She will definitely find out if she loves Basketball as much as she thinks she does. :) Of course, she will also have to be strong and courageous to choose the right and stand up for what she believes in since she is the only member of the church going. I still can't believe that she was able to go for free!! What a blessing. At least I hope it's a blessing. I know a lot of stuff can go on at these camps.

We just Gotta Have Faith !!! Just like the song says!! Was that George Michael who sang that? Have a super day. :)

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