Monday, June 6, 2011

Great weekend and last week of school for boys!

We had a great Stake Conference Weekend. The messages were inspiring as always. This is the boys last week of school. They are very excited. I am even excited this year. This is the first year that I am excited to be done with school and to just have my kiddos at home. But then again having 2 babysitters around helps. :) I need to get the chore list made up today so I am ready. :)

Last night was Seminary graduation. Nathan, my nephew graduated and spoke. He did a great job on his talk. I was remembering when I first met him as a boy. He has sure grown into an Amazing Young Man!! Britni got her little trophy for her Superior Scriptorian plus a pin for being Master Scriptorian. She also had 95% or better attendance and punctuality. It helps that her Dad has to be to work early. :)

She has 2 more weeks of school left. She is done June 16th. She plays in church this Sunday. I am going to record it at home and post it so everyone can hear how Amazing she is!! :)

Have a super Monday!! Off to laundry and house work!! :)

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