Monday, May 2, 2011

It's All About Britni and Daniel and Resolution Check

Well, Britni has great news this weekend. She is officially out of debt and even has some money for her name. She says she is glad that we had done this so that she has learned what it is like to be in debt. She doesn't like it. That is good news. I never learned how to take care of money until recently. Also Britni got her hair cut on Saturday. It's really cute. She looks all grown up now. I'll post a picture.

Britni and Daniel went to the Pioneer Trek Winter Quarters activity and they had a lot of fun. Daniel was not happy that we were "making" him go. So we were so pleased and surprised when he came home happy and excited to go on the Trek!!! Yea!!! Britni went to a double stake dance on Saturday and didn't get home until after 1 a.m. When they have dances like that they should have them closer to home or more central so the kids can get home before midnight. That's my opinion on the matter.

Resolution check up for me!!

1. Losing weight - Nada!! I am still exercising and have even started jogging. My shoulder and arm keep getting hurt. My Nephew, David, is a chiropractor and he is coming to visit next month. I am hoping he can help.

2. Scrapbooks - I have completed the by hand for all the kids and I have been doing the digital and actually keeping up. I think. :)

3. Lynn's Mission Scrapbook - I have dug out the pictures that I have had developed and I have started his Scrapbook this weekend. He is so organized that he even has a notebook with the slide numbers in it and what is on each slide. So I have to go to each slide and figure out what picture it is and then label them. He is making it so difficult. I was hoping he can remember but I guess 20 years is a long time to remember people's names. At least he is organized. :)

4. Reading Ensign and Sunday School lessons - I have finished the Aprils Ensign however, I have been reading a couple of the S.S. lessons during the lessons on Sundays a couple of times. I'm still keeping up though which is good for me!! Yea.

5. Write on blog more. I am trying. I just don't have much to say sometimes. I am doing much better than before though.

I hope everyone has a super Spring day. No Wind this morning. I am going to spray paint a shelf today. Yea!! :)

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