Friday, May 27, 2011


Yea, it is Friday!! Last night was Jacob's last cub scout pack meeting. He is now a Boy Scout. :) He's very excited to be moving on. Benjamin also received his Wolf badge last night. They are all growing up so fast.

I really wish the weather would stay nice. I'm starting to get a cold thanks to the changing weather. I get a sunburn on Wednesday and then rained on Thursday and Friday. UGH! The kids are catching the colds too. No fun.

Britni gets a 4 day weekend but the boys have to go to school today. She will be working this morning to earn some moolah!!

I have been going to visit Grandma on Wednesdays while Grandpa is working delivering newspapers. We chat and then go to lunch. Very fun. I have a friend who lost her Mother a year ago and reminds me all the time to enjoy this time with Mom since she won't be here forever. Time is precious.

Grandpa and Grandma are going to the temple with us tomorrow. I always enjoy going to the temple and feeling the spirit there. It really rejuvenates me.

I have completed my resume and have even given one out. It's a start. Grandpa heard of an opening for part time secretary at the newspaper office. So I took in my resume. However, it's really who you know around here if you want to get a job. If the Lord really wants me to work then he will provide the way. I will just keep trying.

I hope everyone has a super Memorial Day Weekend. :)

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