Thursday, May 12, 2011

Modest Fashion Show

Last night the Young Women put on a Modest Fashion Show and invited the Relief Society. It was very fun and a little stressful. Britni and her friend Lexy were in charge. It ended up just being Britni though because Lexy had to work last night. She did a great job. We ended up having only 4 girls actually walk in the fashion show but that's o.k. The rest helped in one way or another. We made an outline of a catwalk in the gym using the poles and plastic chain that we use for out Nativity every year. Then we had streamers in the doorway of the overflow for the girls to walk out of. They looked great. I'll post pictures when I get them. Our YW President took the pictures and also MCed it. I did the music and set up. The girls also performed a couple of dances. One from the dance festival last year and then the Hoedown Throwdown. They had 4 categories. Casual, Western, Fitness and Formal.

Next week, the Mia maids (me) are in charge of the combined with they Young Men. We are going to steal an idea from my Sister-in-law, Megan. Cupcake Wars. It should be fun.

Have a super day. :)


  1. It's a show on Food Network. They have cupcake bakers come and compete in a competition for having their cupcakes premiered at a big event. They have 3 competitions. One is a cupcake made using a secret ingredient. The next is to make 2 cupcakes with the theme in mind and must look very pretty. And the third is a big presentation with 1,000 cupcakes. However, I am going to modify it quite a bit. The kids will have to bake a cupcake using a cake mix and a special secret ingredient that they have to use. The next 2 cupcakes will be prebaked but there will be secret ingredients that they have to use in order to decorate with them plus incorporate the theme. Which will be a Temple Open House. I'm still working on the details. :)