Monday, May 16, 2011

Britni brought home the Gold while the boys brought home the Blues!!

On Saturday the kids had their Piano Recital (Festival) in The Dalles. It's where the kids play 2 songs that they have learned and then get judged on them by a judge who also will teach them a few things after the group is done playing.

Benjamin ended up being in a level higher than he should of been but that did not deter him!! He did a great job for his first one and he even said it was kind of fun. We had a really nice judge this year. We have had him before and the kids all like him. He finished with a Blue Excellent Ribbon!! Great job Ben!

Next Jacob. He brought home a gold last year but this year even though he had all the note right it just wasn't very exciting for the judge. So he got a Blue Excellent Ribbon also.

Then Daniel. Daniel has been fighting Piano for awhile now. He is 13 so I expect some resistance the thing is that he is really good. He was playing in Priesthood all the time and he actually enjoys that. Daniel could have tried harder I think. He didn't give it his all in my opinion. The judge didn't either. He brought home a Blue Excellent Ribbon also!!

Now Britni. She has really improved this year. I think the syllabus that she did earlier this year and then playing at church has helped her relax a little bit. She was still pretty nervous. But she performed her pieces to perfection. The judge thought so too. (It doesn't hurt that she is so cute either!!) :) She brought home the Gold Superior Ribbon this year. This is her first one out of all the years that she has done this festival.

That was our excitement for the weekend. Well, we did BBQ in a Thunder storm on Saturday too. We had the missionaries over for dinner and the menu was BBQ Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. That was pretty exciting too!! :) Have a great Monday!

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