Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not all Spray Paint is Alike

Today is a gorgeous day!! So I have been out spray painting my shelves and fixed my table that Britni spilled nail polish remover on. However, I have learned that not all spray paint is alike. I had 2 different brands. One was a Krylon 2x the coverage and the other was the HD brand that you get at Fred Meyer. The Krylon is the best!! It really does cover and lasts so much longer than the other brands. I never knew that it would be that much different. The shelves look great though. Britni says that I am going goth because I keep spray painting furniture black. She just doesn't realize how much better the furniture looks when painted. :) Besides the little table has a red top and black bottom. So it's not ALL black!! :)

As far as the family goes, not much going on since I last wrote. However, on Friday, I am going to the beach with some girlfriends. Just overnight. But I am so excited to just get away for a couple of days. Just to get out of town makes a difference in perspective.

I have started walking with a couple of girlfriends on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings. It's a great extra workout. We enjoy just being together and chatting and being outside. I still go jogging in the early morning. Today I actually came back 5 minutes earlier than usual. I must be getting stronger!! :) Yea!! Or it was just the fact that there was no wind this morning. That always makes a difference. It shouldn't but it does. I really don't like the wind.

I better get back to my projects for the day. The tulips are out. Spring is in the air. Love to you all!! :)

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