Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What was I Thinking!!!!

Yesterday ended up being a snow day for all my kids. We got a lot of snow. I am grateful for the moisture but I would rather have rain. Anyway, one of Daniel's friends calls in the morning and asks to come over. Daniel doesn't get this friend to come over very often because they live so far away from each other. All was fine with 5 boys and 1 girl in the house. Then a "friend" of Samuel's calls. He lives close by. Samuel says he doesn't really like this friend but the friend wanted to come over anyway. And then his brother wanted to come over too. So that makes 7 boys in the house and 1 girl in the house. Well I guess you could say 2 girls because I was home all day too. They played outside for a bit. Daniel got an early birthday present New Snow boots. The boys feet just keep growing. I hope he will still fit in them next year. Then it was T.V., Computer and Wii the rest of the day. However, I only had the brothers here for 2 hours. So 2 hours of 7 boys then back to 5 boys. There was so much Testosterone in this house you could have fueled the whole BYU Basketball team 10 times over!!!! :) They all had a fun day!! I found Britni a book to read so she read her book all day and I hid and read my book most of the day and worked on scrapbooks. Good thing we don't have these days very often. Today everyone is at school!! Yea!!! Now to clean out closets for the Goodwill Good Turn Bags!! :) Have a super day!

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