Monday, March 21, 2011

Great Weekend and Crazy Weather

Lynn and I had a great weekend in Portland. We did a temple session then initiatory and then we went to the Olive Garden for a Linner and then went shopping!! Oh Yea!! Then on Saturday we did Sealing Team at the temple which was really cool. Our sealer could speak many languages and a family joined our sealing team who spoke Portuguese. The Sealer did the Sealings all in Portuguese. It was so cool. The Sealer wasn't even suppose to be there that day but was called in to work. The Lord always knows what needs to be done!! It was a miracle for those people. Then we did more shopping and came home.

Between Daniel and Britni, the kids were taken care of and the house was even somewhat clean when we got home. While we were gone though, it snowed. We had rain in Portland. But the snow melted by the time we got home. Then our Welcome to Spring started with Snow and then rain and then wind and then sun. We just had it all.

Of course all the kids and my husband were very excited by the BYU Game on Saturday. Jimmer Mania is still alive here. :)

Now I need to do the budget after such a great weekend. I am so grateful for tax returns at this time of year. :) It keeps us in the black a little longer. :)

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