Friday, March 4, 2011

Daniel is 13 years old today

Time really does fly when you have lots of kids. :) Daniel is 13 years old today. Daniel has always been fun. He's always been active. I never realized how much energy sports takes out of kids until Daniel. He has no sports right now and is bouncing off the walls. Almost literally. He is silly yet serious. He loves to play "war" with his brothers. He loves the History and Military channel. He loves to play his Nintendo DSi and Wii and his computer games. He loves to play basketball and soccer. He loves to play board games too. However, the best thing that he loves to do which I can't really get on him about is READ. He loves to read. He stays in at recess and reads. Yes, they have a recess in middle school. That's how tiny Centerville School is. He secretly loves to play the piano. I know he does because his teacher asked me last week how often he is practicing and then said how happy she was with the improvement he made on all his songs this week with such a short practice time. He fulfills his Priesthood duties and also fills in when someone slacks. Daniel is a good boy and we are proud to have him as our son!! :) Have a Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

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