Monday, March 28, 2011

Pretty Dogs and Fun Weekend!!

Our dogs were groomed today. I didn't think that Mandy could be so white. I just took Misty to Dog Town which is a place where I can wash her myself. She sure gets fluffy. Not as fluffy as Mandy though. :)

We had a pretty good weekend. Lynn, Daniel and Jacob went on a Boy Scout campout. Daniel said it was the best campout ever. Even though he fell and bruised his toe pretty good. But they climbed to the top of a very big hill at the park which was a great accomplishment.

Jacob was sick Saturday night after he got back though. I think it was just from the lack of sleep from the passed few nights. Samuel ended up coming home with an earache from Church on Sunday. He still has the earache but no fever which is good. He wanted to go to school today because it is Spirit week at school this week and today was Costume day.

I changed our Direct Tv to a lower package. The kids are not happy with me. But we have the essentials BYU TV and ESPN. We save about $30.00 a month. That's good since my cleaning jobs are getting fewer and far between anymore.

We are having great weather today. I hope it keeps up. I love spring weather. I had my first Hummingbird today but I didn't have any food out. So I quickly filled it up. I hope he returns. :)

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  1. Hi Crystal,
    It is great to meet you and have you follow my blog. Marvelle and I see the best of each other at 5:30am at Jazz!?! She is a sweetie!
    I have you entered into the giveaway.
    I will be having more giveaways through out the year. So stay tuned!
    Love your puppy dogs-cute!