Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Piano and Book Fair

I'm trying to think what our family has been doing this passed few days. On Saturday Britni had a Syllabus piano recital. It's where she learns 2 pieces by heart and then knows another piece that she can use her music and also has to know certain scales and piano theory and also has to be able to sight read music. She said that her scales for some reason were not together like they should have been but the pieces were beautiful. She plays for one person who then evaluates how she did and gives her a certificate. She earned a Successful which is good her teacher said. Her teacher also said that it will help her know how to teach Britni better. Britni is still trying to get out of lessons and learn the hymns on her own but if she quits the lessons then Daniel will want to quit. Daniel has been trying to quit for a year now. Daniel is just getting good enough to play in Priesthood meeting every other week or so. He even will just go to the piano and play the hymns on his own which I love. There is no way we will let them quit when they are so close to the end.

The boys school had a Book Fair this week. I love the fact that they love books. I know that the money they spent there will help the school so I don't mind so much them using their own money for it. However, when Daniel tells me that he bought 3 pens that were 2.00 each. I just cringed!! And then he buys the 4th book of Diary of a Wimpy kid and reads it during recess and finishes it in one day!!!! Oh Well, I'm glad he loves reading so much. I just wish he knew how to budget his money so it will last longer!!!

I hope everyone has a super day. We have Red Breasted Robins in our yard today. Spring is coming I just know it!!! :)

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