Sunday, August 29, 2010

On the Lighter Side

Last post was too serious. So I will tell you of the things my family has done this weekend. Last night Lynn, Daniel and Jacob went paint balling with his brother and his boys at the Thompson's house. Why guys like to hit each other with paint balls is beyond me. I told Lynn I don't have to get hit with paint balls to get my bruises. I walk in enough walls and fall down enough with my clumsiness that I don't need paint balls to do it for me. LOL Then they came back and had to show me, Britni, Ben and Sam their "WAR" wounds along with the stories that go along with the "WAR" wounds. :) I am glad that they had fun though. The Thompson's are moving so that is the end of paint balling as we know it for now.

Then Britni made Gingerbread Waffles with Ice cream for dinner and we watched Julie and Julia from Netflix. Way Girlie night. I love girlie nights. They are fun.

After the movie, Benjamin, Sam, Britni and I were watching Iron Chef America and they were cooking with a very big fish. (I can't remember which one). Someone asked how they caught such a big fish and Benjamin said with a very very BIG Worm!! He is so cute!!

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend. We love ya always!!

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