Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy Week Again!!

Well, It is going to be another busy week again. I just got back from a garlic pick with Gleaners. I may have to quit Gleaners even though I am Treasurer. It is a lot of work. We do get some good produce. We also got Hermiston Watermelons and Tomatoes and Corn on the cob (which I didn't take because we have a ton of it in our back yard). That was just today's pass out.

Britni starts Soccer practice tonight. I hope they move up the time from 6 p.m. to earlier in the day. Daniel will start Football practice on Thursday. Benjamin has another Orthodonist appointment tomorrow. He has to have spacers on the bottom and then an expansion thingy for his narrow top teeth. Not really sure what that is but it sure doesn't sound fun. Poor guy!!

I will be working 2 days this week cleaning houses. If these people ever saw my house they would probably fire me. :) I'm glad that I have work though. The little bit I make each week does help. I think. :)

I'll write more later in the week. Have a super day!! Love to ya all!!

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