Monday, August 9, 2010

Cleaning and Packing - Girls Camp Tomorrow!!

Today I am cleaning up the house a bit and finishing up the packing for Girls Camp. I think I am getting excited and a little nervous as I don't know many of the girls but it will be fun to meet new people and spend time with the girls.

I have taken care of the peaches that I got from Gleaners (I'm drying them), and I have cleaned up the kitchen and I am mostly packed so far. Just the last minute stuff left.
I hope everyone has a great week as I won't be able to do my blog the rest of the week. Unless Lynn wants to write something.

Daniel and Jacob are at their friend Zach's house today. His dad is a police officer and he came and picked up the boys in his police car. Here are the pictures. A look at our boys first and hopefully only police car ride!!! :) I'm sure they will have a fun day!! Little do they know that they still have chores to do when they get home!! :)

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