Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's My Birthday!!

Today I am another year older and hopefully wiser!! Yesterday my girlfriends took me out to lunch in The Dalles at a new Thai restaurant. I have only had Thai food once and that was when I was working in Renton and my boss took all the secretaries there for Secretaries Day. I didn't remember how good the food was. This place was amazing. They don't make the food real spicy unless you ask for it which I am so glad since I don't like super spicy food. They had the most amazing homemade ice cream too. It was a fun day. The weather is cold but beautiful.

Britni had her last Soccer game last night against Ki-Be. She came home late and then told us she didn't even play. A girl who has been out with injuries for a month got to not only play but start the game. That bummed Britni out a little but she did Varsity letter so she is happyish.

I hope everyone has a Super Happy Day!! I know I will. Lynn has already made me a chocolate cream pie for my Birthday treat!! :) I love that man!! :)

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