Monday, October 10, 2011

Scouting activities not so tough after all

Yup, that's right. Daniel gets back from his Order of the Arrow Ordeal. He passed and is now a member. Daniel being Daniel actually did everything he was suppose to. However, the bread and water meal. Not!! He got to have Rolls with Ham, Fruit, Hot Cocoa or Fruit Punch (that was breakfast) Lunch was the same sort of meal. Dinner was a big type of "feast" but Daniel doesn't like Sausage and Sauerkraut so he had macaroni and cheese. Really???

The 3 things that they had to do actually goes along with the gospel really well.

1. Eat scant meals (Fasting)
2. Perform cheerful service (Priesthood/R.S. and just everyone in general in the church)
3. Don't speak but ponder on nature (pondering on the scriptures as you study them)

Lynn and I decided that it goes hand in hand with the gospel. That must be why the church supports Boy Scouts so much.

Oh, and the sleeping under the stars. NOT!! They had a lean to type of thing for cover. He roughed it more on the Pioneer Trek than he did at this event.

However, Daniel did get a really cool Order of the Arrow sash and booklet and etc. Do you know how he got elected? We have been wondering on this and some the information Daniel brought home explained. Daniel's troop thinks that he gives cheerful service and is well liked. The cheerful service?? I wonder on that one. He's usually the one complaining the loudest. Especially if it involves physical labor. :) I do know that he is well liked by just about everyone though.

Daniel did have a good time and he is happy with the work that they did. They cleaned up trails and blackberry bushes off of trails. So it was a good service project. He now has all his service for Star Scout. He's almost all done with it. Yea!! He might make Eagle yet!! :)

Jacob is out of the dog house now with his reading. He finished Harry Potter #4 on Saturday. His reading grade was really low so this should bring it up to an A.

It's raining today. I have mixed feelings over rainy days. We really need the rain so I am happy and I love the smell of the rain on grass. :) I just don't like getting wet when exercising. So exercise is inside today.

Not much else going on. Have a super day. :)

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