Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wow What a week!

I have been so busy this week then to top it off I got sick. Not just a cold sick but Sick Sick!! I was suppose to speak in Sacrament today and do a ton other things at church today. I thought it was the opposing forces not wanting my to speak but as of this morning I realize I think the Lord just wants me to slow down a little. Which is really very kind of him. But does he have to do it this way? Well, it could be worse. I always say that because it really could be worse. I won't go into all the gory details. Let's just say that I am actually glad that my Mommy lives close by and can take care of me when I have no clue what to do and either does my husband!! :)

Some friends of mine gave us some grapes. So I have been making grape jelly and a little bit of grape juice all week. I volunteered in Sam's class last week. That was really fun. I stayed and ate lunch with him. It was pizza!! One of my favorite school foods. :) I will hopefully be helping this week too as long as I get better quickly!! UGH!!

Jacob is a VIP!!! Last week Jacob was VIP in his class. His teacher does this to help each other get to know one another better and it gives kids a chance who are shy to bolster their self confidence. So it was a busy week of finding scrapbook pictures, Going and talking to his class as his Mom, making cinnamon rolls for his class and taking his dog to school to show the class. It was a fun week for him.

Britni is in the process of doing a big project for a teacher at school who is paying her to make a slideshow of videos for the Football players this year. Britni is pretty excited but she only knows how to do it on Apple computers from school and so she has to borrow friends computers in order to work on the project. I think she needs to broaden her horizons and learn how to make movies using other programs on our computer. Maybe some day. Britni is so excited to have Varsity Lettered in Soccer as a Sophomore. I'm happy for her. She has worked really hard for this.

Lynn and Ben's soccer season is done. They won their last game yesterday. Benjamin has one of the biggest kicks on his team. He makes a great defender!! Britni's last game is Tuesday in Ki-Be and Jacob's is Saturday. At least it is here in town this time. It is almost sad to be at the end of the season. I really enjoy watching my kids play and love to cheer them on. Even when I am sick, like yesterday at Jacob's game in Carson. It was no fun being sick but I sat on the opposing teams side and yelled my hardest for our team!! :) They tied the game 6-6.

That is about it for our little family this week. Enjoy your week and STAY HEALTHY!!

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