Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring is coming??? I think.

I woke up with what looked like little white snow flakes on the ground this morning. Yet the geese are still out at our pond. I will attach pictures so you know what a great view I have every Spring. The Canadian Geese come every January/February and they settle across the road in the little makeshift pond. The reason it is makeshift is because by June it will be dried up until next winter. :) We also get some fun looking ducks there too. I think there are at least a few Mallard Ducks along with some pretty white ones. I love to watch them swim the little stream that goes right by the road to the pond.

What is funny this year is when I take my dogs for their morning walk they start to sniff towards the pond. I think if I let them, they would have a blast chasing the geese and ducks away. Especially our little black dog. She is so hyper and energetic. I wish I could bottle her energy. I could use it right now.

The family activities are slowing down. I think this Spring we will just enjoy spending time as a family until all the Summer Activities come along. I love our family!! Enjoy your day!! :)

O.K. There are no pictures attached because I just went out to take the pictures and my camera for some reason didn't take them. :( I will have to use Britni's camera tomorrow. The geese were all gone anyway. They fly in at night and leave in the morning. I love the sound when they fly over the house. That's when you know it is Spring!!

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