Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I know I should blog since I have a goal to blog 3 times a week at least. So I am writing but I am really not sure what to write. Our family seems to be doing well. Lynn did Personal Interviews with the kids on Sunday. Some of them really needed it. I'm not sure if it did much good though. :)

How do you get a boy to do his merit badges when he doesn't want to do them? How do you get your boy to do his Boy Scout requirements when he doesn't want to do them?

That is the big question of the day for me. Daniel is fighting the Boy Scouting. Do we let him exert his agency or do we force him to get his Eagle??? We would like all the boys to get their Eagle before they can drive. Britni got her Personal Progress Medallion before she turned 15. Daniel could get really close to getting his Eagle if he really tries. But he just doesn't want to. What is a great motivator?? I'm not sure. I've tried Blizzards. A Blizzard for every 5 merit badges he completes. Maybe I should lower it to 3. He does have 3 merit badges done. I guess we just need to sit down with him and talk about Boy Scouting and try to convince him why Boy Scouting is so good for you and why he should do it and hopefully he will make up his mind to do it??? That is such a scary thing though. To let you kids use their agency. Hmmmm!! Something to think about today.


  1. Maybe the driver's license incentive will be more effective when he gets closer to 15 or 16. It worked for Brakston. We have a guy in or ward whose life was saved because he was an Eagle Scout. He and 2 guys were in the army. They all had the same start date and same credentials. For hierarchy purposes, it came down to the fact that Eric had his Eagle and the other two didn't. The lower two got sent on a sortie and were killed. Maybe that story will be incentive.

  2. Thanks Marvelle!! I'll tell him the story and see if it has any affect. You are probably right. The closer to 15 he gets maybe he'll get more serious.